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We are excited to announce

Women of Wisdom 2021

Empaths Empowering Empaths

Are you an Empath?

Do you feel the emotions of others?

Being an Empath in today’s world is overwhelming to say the least.

Join us online Live via Zoom on Saturday November 6th to receive insight from five Spiritual Niagara Members who offer their insights and professional advice on how being an empath can be a super power!

Tickets are $25

View the Insights for Empaths videos with Dr Tracy Kennedy, as they are revealed, to see some of what is in store

Spiritual Niagara presents Women of Wisdom ~ Empaths Empowering Empaths ~
sponsored by Dr. Tracy Kennedy, The Empath Guide.

Honouring wise Empaths who continue to do their service work using their wisdom, skills, and abilities in their own unique empathic way to help others.

Tracy selected five experienced Spiritual Niagara members who are Empaths, and who she has observed leading, teaching, supporting, guiding, and healing the community in their own beautiful diverse ways.

These five Women of Wisdom Empaths are leading the way and carving their path to help and serve.

These beautifully gifted women from our membership will share some of their wisdom with you and talk about how being an Empath helps them do the Service work that they do and how you can use your empath abilities to your advantage.

Participants will receive:

  • the guidance and wisdom from five Spiritual Leaders who have flourished as Empaths
  • the opportunity to pose your question
  • a guided meditation with Marilyn Kaufman
  • the evening includes audience readings which will be done by draw
  • amazing door prizes
  • a recorded copy of the presentation to view again at your leisure

Congratulations to this year’s Women of Wisdom 2021, Empaths Empowering Empaths:

Vanessa Hurst
Seven Crows Metaphysical
Amanda Dubois
Marilyn Kaufman
You Are a Soul
Laura Canal
Miles of Smiles Alternative Solutions
Marybeth Haines
The GAL Who Speaks With Animals

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the Women of Wisdom 2020 video!


For $20 listen as each of these Creators share their tips and techniques that will help you make improvements to your life!


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