Spiritual Niagara Events

Spiritual Niagara Presents:

Going Within – An Intuition Development Gathering

Help us on our quest to Raise the Vibration, and it begins with your own! Join us every other Tuesday starting Jan 28th, 2020 from 7:00-9:00 pm for your souls development. By discovering and connecting to your own internal language, you can more easily communicate with yourself and the universe. When you come from this place of self-awareness and living life as the most authentic version of yourself, whatever that means for you, you raise your vibration, of those around you, your community and the collective consciousness.

Things you will get out of it:

  • What is Intuition? What are some ways in which we receive guidance?
  • Tips on how to tap into and connect to your inner wisdom and to trust it!
  • A chance to ask questions to people who can guide you to find the answers within, and to offer your own tips to the group.
  • Featuring a different Spiritual Niagara Member every time and learn about all the different forms of modalities (Methods of healing) available to you.
  • Relax with a guided then silent meditation
  • Meet and connect with like-minded friends
  • Be apart of something bigger than us all!


7pm- Opening Remarks and Welcomes- 5 min
Opening Breathing Exercise – 5 min
Guest Speaker (Member Participant) – 15 min
Q & A around the circle – 60 min
Guided Meditation – 10 min
Subsequent Silent Meditation – 5 min
Group Intention – 10 min
9pm – Closing Remarks – 5 min

Cost to participate is $15 paid at the door, cash only please. $10 for SN Member to attend. Please contact Events@Spiritualniagara.ca if you would like to be the featured member to discuss how you connected to your own intuition to get you where you are today, or for any questions.

Facilitated by Spiritual Niagara Team Members, Certified Life Coaches and Psychic Mediums, Amanda Dubois and Julie Murray.