Holistic and Energy Healing

Channeling the energy of the Universe for the purpose of healing body, mind or soul. There are many types such as Reiki, therapeutic touch, Peruvian Energy Medicine, Spiritual healing and more. The practitioner channels energy from Source, Universal Energy, into the recipient in order to provide healing to their physical and/or emotional body. Healing could also entail messages received that provide the recipient with information that promotes their emotional or physical healing.


Delve into your subconscious. Hypnosis can help you change habits, identify and change beliefs and discover more about yourself that may lie hidden from your conscience mind.
Inspiring Stores
Shopping for inspiration? Inspiring stores provide books, CDs, divination tools, decorative items, organic clothing, stones, herbs and more. They also have workshops that might interest you. Remember to check the calendar.


Quieting the mind and connecting within. There are many forms of meditation. There is the meditation where you focus on a mantra in order to stop the mind from wandering elsewhere. There is a guided meditation where you are given something to visualize giving your mind something else to focus on and slowing it down. There are many benefits associated with meditation to both your physical and emotional health.

Online Services

Wanting to study or connect with services from your home? These members offer online readings or workshops along with those that offer products for sale online you can explore what they are currently offering through there website links.

Organic Wellness Treatments

These are treatments or methods that ensure the use of organic materials that agree with the body. It may be included in an energy treatment.

Paranormal Help

These services vary according to your needs. Services can include cleansing your home of negative energies, identifying spirits, and also assist in their crossing. Read each profile to connect with your needed service.

Partner Sites

The Partner Sites listed here are located both within and beyond the Niagara Region. To be listed the sites provide a link exchange to Spiritual Niagara or Spiritual Niagara is an affiliate member with this site. Please click on the site’s logo to access further information.

Reach Your Potential

The providers listed here offer individual one on one assistance to those that wish to make changes in their lives. They will help you work through any negative beliefs, thoughts, emotions that may be hindering your ability to bring happiness and peace to your life.

Readings and Messages

Do you need guidance? You can choose from various types of readers. Tarot readers provide guidance through the cards. Psychics and mediums provide messages from Spirit, the Universe. Channelers provide a direct line to Spirit. Explore the profiles to chose who you connect with.

Spiritual Art

Spiritual Art contains any and all artistic creations both inspired and channeled and in all categories of creation such as paintings, music, poetry, etc

Spiritual Growth Workshops

Want to make changes in your life? We want to change our life but don’t know how or maybe we need to identify our passions. There are various workshops or courses that you can explore.


A form of exercise that concentrates on slow movement of the body increasing flexibility and reducing stress. It is very meditative as you concentrate on body movement and quiet the mind in doing so. There are many types of yoga so explore the various types to determine the best one for you.