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Hypnosis & Past-Life Regression

Liane Kinsman, The Essence
Name: Liane Kinsman
Business Name: The Essence
My calling: Professional Deep Trance Channel, Professional Astrologer, Psychic Medium,Certified Hypnotherapist, Esoteric Facilitator and Host of a Meditation Circle
Service City: Ridgeway
Website: The Essence
How to reach me: 905-894-5269
Personal Facebook page: Send a Friend Request
Lisa Ellis, Boost Your Health
Name: Lisa Ellis
Business Name: Boost Your Health
My calling: Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, trained in India with various Yoga masters Reiki Master/Teacher/ Energy Healer Psychic Medium, Life Skills Coach Certified NGH Hypnotherapist
Service City: Lowbanks
How to reach me: 905-736-0563
Margarett Sample, Spirited Insight/Spirited Vibrations Creations
Name: Margarett Sample
Business Name: Spirited Insight/Spirited Vibrations Creations
My calling: Psychic Medium, Spirited Energy Healing, Reiki Master, Spiritual Consultant, Life & Soul Coach, Past Life Regression Counsellor
Service City: St. Anns
Personal Facebook page: Send a Friend Request
Marilyn Kaufman CHt, You Are A Soul
Name: Marilyn Kaufman
Business Name: You Are A Soul
My calling: Certified Past Life and Between Life Soul Regressionist
Service City: Grimsby
How to reach me: 289-235-7578
Rev. Anita Knight, RP (Qualifying), Kamari Soul
Name: Rev. Anita Knight, RP (Qualifying)
Business Name: Kamari Soul
Where to find me: 6509 Murray St. Niagara Falls
My calling: Spiritual Psychotherapy, Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor, Reiki Master, 7D Diamond Healing, Sound Healing, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist
Service City: Niagara Falls
How to reach me: 365-222-8267
Connect with me on Facebook: http://@kamarisoul
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