Margarett Sample, Spirited Insight/Spirited Vibrations Creations
Margarett Sample, Spirited Insight/Spirited Vibrations Creations
Margarett Sample
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Spirited Insight/Spirited Vibrations Creations
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Spiritual Consultant, Spirited Insight, Spirited Energy Healing, Reiki Master, Past Lives Consultant
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What brought me to this work?
My experiences on my healing path have given me a passion to help others on their own healing paths. All of the work that I do, Readings, Reiki, Spiritual Consulting/Mentoring, Spirited Rainbow Energy Healing, Past Lives Consulting is all directed towards healing and growth. I also love working in my online group, The Spirited Insight Hive!

I was always interested in the spiritual side of life, and I have found through my life that teachers and passions have come to me as I've been ready to learn from them. I studied Astrology as a teenager, and again in my 30s. I've been fascinated by Dreams, and have had vivid ones, for as long as I can remember. I still remember dreams from my pre-school years!

I started playing with Tarot cards in university, and have been working with them for over 35 years now. As I searched to find a spiritual home, over the years I studied or read about world religions, including Wicca, Christianity, Native North American, Buddhism, Judaism, ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman beliefs being the main ones. When I experienced a great loss in my life, I discovered Shamanism, and then Reiki.

I also experienced a spontaneous Past Life Regression, and in November of 2017 travelled to Sedona for an intensive Past Life Regression Counsellor certification course, as the insights and healing we receive through these experiences are amazing.

Through my lifetime, I heard many voices and finally started working with them about 25 years ago, developing my Mediumship gift. I am so grateful to my Spirit Guides, my Angels, and particularly to my Grandmother Margaret, my daughter JennyJoy, and Archangels Gabriella, Michael, Metatron and Chaniel, who all help me so much in my work.
I am proud to be a co-founder, along with Liz Throp, of Psychic Kids United Inc., a resource for gifted/sensitive children and their adults. I offer special pricing for children who need support.
What services do I offer?

Spiritual Consultant
As a Spiritual Consultant, I provide Spirited Insight from my Guides, my clients' Guides and Angels. I am told that I work with great compassion, gentle humour, and understanding. Readings also give clients a sense of what's going on in their lives, and how they can move forward. Readings are equally effective in person or at a distance, by phone or internet connection.
Private Readings are available by phone or internet connection.
I also offer online workshops and lectures on Developing Your Intuition, Tarot, and more. A very popular series is Entering the Pathway to All Things Spiritual, which I developed with Liz Throp.

I offer Reiki treatments for people and animals, classes and Attunements. I was attuned as a Master in both the Usui and Tibetan traditions in the 1990s. Reiki is Japanese for Universal Energy, and can help people to heal on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I also offer distant Reiki healing for people and animals. Reiki sessions are available over the phone and by internet connection.

Spirited Healing Energy
Spirited Healing Energy is a Reiki-based modality that I have developed over the years, as I've been instructed and guided by Spiritual Healing Masters, and ArchAngels, especially Gabriella and Michael. Like Reiki, Spirited Healing Energy addresses healing on all levels, and it also incorporates Light Body Work (Orin & DaBen), Sound, Colour, Stones/Crystals, Visualization, Shamanic and other techniques. Spirited Healing Energy sessions are available over the phone and by internet connection.

Past Lives Readings
Past Lives Readings can be done simply out of interest, but they can also offer healing and insight on issues that are troubling us in our current lifetime. Readings available online and by phone. Client feedback on these half hour sessions has been incredible.

Spirited Vibration Creations
As I work more and more with crystals and gemstones, I have been drawn to create bracelets, anklets and other items (like my Sweet Dreams Sachets) for people to enjoy. All of my creations are made with specially selected and energized gemstones and crystals. I do many custom bracelets for people who ask for items to help with specific conditions or situations, as well as my popular Chakra Support Bracelets, that I always have on hand.

The Spirited Insight Hive
This is a supportive online community that people join when they want regular spiritual and inspirational support and training. The Hive is set up as a monthly subscription service. For details, please visit my website,

What philosophy do I live by?
I spread Light wherever I go. I want everyone whose path crosses mine to go forward feeling better for the encounter.
Word on the Street
“Margarett has become my Angel. She has managed to relieve me of 25 years of anxiety medications, as well as free me from enormous pain in both knees and the regular cortisone injections they required over last 8 years, and the possibility of surgery on them. Margarett’s gifts and wisdom have brought me to a place where pain is no longer an issue, and I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING LIFE and I am THE HAPPIEST I have EVER been. I feel as though I am living life now, completely unburdened and free (emotionally and physically) and it is FANTASTIC! One of my life’s GREATEST BLESSINGS has been Margarett and ALL of her incredible gifts. I cannot imagine life without her.”
- Chanin G, Stoney Creek

“I have been consulting Margarett for over 20 years. Now that I live in Texas, I consult with her by phone & it works just as well!”
- Sharon B, Texas

“I experience such a feeling of calmness & release after a healing treatment with Margarett – she is a gifted healer.”
- Ian F., Ottawa

"Margaret was very professional and immediately very comforting when we began our Past Lives Reading. Her insight was extremely inspirational and resonated with me more than I could imagine. I didn't know what I wanted going in and came out feeling like I got exactly what I needed to hear. Even a skeptic will walk away from this experience with something."
-Domenic, St Catharine's Ontario

“This whole experience is so overwhelmingly amazing! Me along with my family are so grateful to you for giving us this connection to our beloved Dad! We not only found closure, but this was also a beginning for us to have this connection to communicate with Dad any time, any day. Just knowing that he is around us, means the world to all of us! I called my Mom, and told her all about it, I also told my brother to let go of his guilt for not being able to save him. We all found peace with this, and just knowing someday we will all be together means so much to me!”
- Shahani Sarap, Brampton

“Margarett gave me unexpected details that only my Mom and I would know, tho they weren’t the ones I expected! It was awesome to connect with my Mom and some other loved ones who came through. Margarett gave very cool validations!”
- Sandy B, St Catharines
“To understand your whole self on a spiritual level that delves much deeper than self reflection, into your core being/purpose, past life regression sessions with Margarett are what you are seeking, they are truly life transforming. Margarett, took me past my fears of not being able to achieve the desired results due to a very over active analytical mind, and guided me through a very comfortable, very protected and trusting session where I was able to very easily regress to a past life for key answers about my current life’s journey and road blocks. Margarett brought me to a place of clarity and understanding I never would have found on my own, especially in my day to day life. I am incredibly thankful for her wisdom and abilities to bring me to such a place of peace and growth.”
- C. Graham, Hamilton

"The Healing Energy treatments help me to relax, de-stress, experience pain relief, and have also brought some emotional issues to the surface which I've then been able to deal with. The difference in how my energy feels after a treatment is really incredible."
- Anne Jenkins, GTHNA

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