Liz Throp “The Soul Expert”
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Liz Throp
Business Name
Liz Throp "The Soul Expert"
Where to find me
St. Catharines, ON Canada
My calling
Psychic, Medium, Certified Life/Soul Coaching, Education for psychic kids and adults
Service City
St. Catharines
Please text only, all bookings are done through my website only.
How to reach me
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What brought me to this work?
My main goal is to support others, whether it is someone seeking guidance with me through a psychic or coaching session, supporting our youth and their family with my business "Psychic Kids United Inc.", supporting new or exsisting lightworkers make their way through the maze of business start up and continued education through "The Psychic Associates Inc", in addition to help educate the world through my two shows on youtube "The Gifted Onez" or "The Insighters with Liz and Amber", or to help those looking to improve their psychic/ medium skills through "The Awakening Ones"
In addition to this I have launched along side Amber Price, " The Crystal Of The Month Club" to bring one of my favorite addicitons to others. To learn more visit -
What services do I offer?

I offer
*Psychic / Mediumship readings,
*Certified coaching and Soul Coaching sessions

The Psychic Associates
An education platform along with tools and resources for those entering the metaphysical world of business. Offered along with my partners Amber Price and Jay Lane

Psychic Kids United Inc.
An education and support platform for kids and their parents who are struggling with their psychic or mediumship gifts. Offered with my partner Margarett Sample.

The Awakening Ones
An educational membership platform for those wanting to study and hone their psychic and mediumship abilities.

Crystal of the Month Club
For those who love all things shiny I offer a membership for crystals and education about each sample.

Podcasts & Videos
*Finally two shows on Giant TV's and podcasts, "The Gifted Onez" and The Insighters with Liz and Amber" available on YouTube

What philosophy do I live by?
Be the light you wish to see in this world! Think back over your life and tune into those people who supported, mentored and loved you, then be them, but amp it up 10 times more for others you are connecting with daily.
Word on the Street
Liz is an amazing soul. She is warm and gracious and empathetic. I have seen her twice now and she helped me to understand what happened in my dad’s childhood that made him an alcoholic. She connected me to his spirit and gave me such peace. One really cool thing that happened was that my dad brought through a dog and I never knew he had a dog in his childhood. I had seen another medium who mentioned the same dog! That was validation for me. As well, she helped me to understand that my step daughter was an empath and she gave me a strategy to be able to lovingly deal with her issues. The thing is, going to see a medium should leave you with tools to live a better life, not just answers to questions about ‘will I get married’ or ‘will I have kids’ or ‘will I get that job’. While Liz is able to do that, we all have free will and can change our future path. What stands out in my heart is her spiritual guidance. I would highly recommend a reading with Liz, especially if you are a person who wants tools to live your best life.
-Crystal Grobb

Janel and I have featured Liz on our morning show at Country 89 FM for over a year now. We love having her on our show, she is a wonderful guide and inspiration for people’s lives, and has touched many of our listeners along the way... including our lives! We would have her back time and time again... We love Liz!
- Rob Leclerc, DJ Country 89 FM

As the host of The Paranormal show on TV Cogeco, I have had Liz Throp on as a guest numerous times. Her ability to connect with the audience is incredible and her professionalism is stellar. She instantly connects with the needs of every person she talks too. She takes her ability seriously and I am proud to have shared time with her on my show.
- Stan Mallow, Host, The Paranormal Show
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