Liz Throp, Liz Throp Psychic

Liz Throp, Liz Throp Psychic
Liz Throp
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Liz Throp Psychic
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Psychic, Medium, Empath
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St. Catharines
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What brought me to this work?:
Hmmm this is always hard for me to describe. Mostly because I don’t have any real cool stories like most folks in my field have. For as long as I can remember I have always just known things. As a young girl I found that I gravitated towards people emotionally and if things went south I would know long before they did. But I had real trust issues with myself. So it was not until my twenties that I really started to take responsibility for my actions and ownership for my roles in every relationship I made.

I have for as long as I can recall always had an interest in paranormal. As young as 5, I recall having experiences with passed over loved ones. I was blessed with incredibly open parents who never dismissed my encounters but helped explain them in a way any kid would see as normal. This helped shape the type of psychic I am today.

At 18 I moved to the United Kingdom, searching for fun and travel. I found both but I discovered this culture of spiritualism. I had always struggled with strict religious beliefs mostly because they had such obvious flaws. I won’t get into that but connecting with this new way of thinking changed my direction in life and started me on the path I am still exploring. I left the UK at 25 yrs. old and returned to Canada. After my daughter was born, my awareness really kicked in to the point that avoiding the obvious was no longer an option. So I started learning tarot cards and practicing on friends who would come to me for guidance on a regular basis. I was baffled that they could not see the way in their lives that I could see. I felt like they must see this or that but they didn’t. What was so obvious to me was not to them.

In the beginning I thought people were placating to me in hopes of encouraging me on my new interest. Funny, when you look back and see now what you could not see then. After a few years I was asked by a friend to come to her place for a party. She wanted me to read some of her friends. At first hesitant, because I thought this is a huge responsibility, also I thought what if I make a fool of myself. Gosh that took a lot of blind confidence in myself but I did it and here I am today.

It snowballed to the point where I now have clients all over the world mostly on word of mouth. Three years ago I left my full time job to pursue this full time. It’s the best job I have ever had. I have found my niche. Finally feeling like I can actually make a difference in the world one soul at a time.
What services do I offer?:

I am a Psychic/Medium but primarily psychic. I prefer working with people and their future. I do work with your spirit guides and loved ones on the otherside. Basically your guides connect with my guides and I am a conduit, I receive the information and relay it to you.

I offer services over the phone, online and in person along group readings. I am proud to offer now Certified Soul/Life coaching. Life can be challenging so let me help you navigate through it. As of 2017 I became owner and Co- President to Psychic Kids United Inc. Our goal is to support intuitive kids and their families while they embark on their spiritual journey. This is also resource for those kids at heart looking for tools to assist themselves on this sometimes overwhelming journey of all things paranormal.

What philosophy do I live by?:
I am an Empath so my whole life has been about feelings. I try to live my life in a way that serves others. I also do my very best to serve myself first by doing this I have a stronger energy to help others.

My biggest life ah-ha had to be centered around judgement. It is easy to fall into judgement. Heck I have to check myself daily. But my awareness of this negative behavior has to be my biggest strength. Also the only thing in life that is actually real is LOVE. But you must start with loving self in order to receive it infinitely.
Word on the Street:
Hi Liz. I just wanted to thank you again for coming on Friday. My house feels so different. I no longer feel so unsafe on the stairs and upstairs feels like it’s mine finally! Thank you again. Everyone was so happy with their readings, You are amazing!
– Bethany Ward

Janel and I have featured Liz on our morning show at Country 89 FM for over a year now. We love having her on our show, she is a wonderful guide and inspiration for people’s lives, and has touched many of our listeners along the way… including our lives! We would have her back time and time again… We love Liz!
– Rob Leclerc, DJ Country 89 FM

As the host of The Paranormal show on TV Cogeco, I have had Liz Throp on as a guest numerous times. Her ability to connect with the audience is incredible and her professionalism is stellar. She instantly connects with the needs of every person she talks too. She takes her ability seriously and I am proud to have shared time with her on my show.
– Stan Mallow, Host, The Paranormal Show
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