Lenka Kamenicky, Believe in Angels and Beyond

Lenka Kamenicky, Believe in Angels and Beyond
Lenka Kamenicky
Business Name:
Believe in Angels and Beyond
My calling:
Psychic Medium
Service City:
Port Robinson
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What brought me to this work?:
Since I was a small girl I have always been attracted to all things angelic. My father passed away when I was 4 years old and I believe this was the beginning of my journey into mediumship. After his passing, he came and spoke to me, it was very comforting for me as a young child, because everyone around me told me that I would never see him again. I also feel the presence of Angels daily. Having several childhood experiences like this has led me to grow into what I am today. Growing up in Prague shaped my understanding of spirituality from the old European thinking. Speaking multiple languages has helped me to approach the understanding required to translate the metaphysical realm as a Medium and Healer to my clients for over 30 years.
What services do I offer?:

I am able to commune with Guardian Angels, spirits, animals, fairies and deceased loved ones. I receive messages as visions, voices, sounds and smells which I often confirm with Tarot.

I offer readings over the phone and in person. You can also find me at events. Check my website to see where I will be next.

I studied Reiki under 3 different masters and have achieved my own master of Reiki almost 20 years ago. I help both people and animals to heal as needed and occasionally use tuning forks to help realign the energy and vibration of those I work with.

What philosophy do I live by?:
As a psychic medium my primary goal has always been to serve others and help them to overcome any of their challenges. I go with the flow and have learned to trust in the Universe. God’s messages, and any situations presented to me are both for learning and the best path to follow.
Word on the Street:
Dear Lenka
Thank you for an incredible session. Your compassion, sensitivity and sense of humor was truly insightful, amazing and given with love. It all really made sense when I looked very deep within me. We all have the power to go inside of ourselves but sometimes we don`t feel safe doing it. I thank you for providing a safe place to go and to guide me. Thank you for such a fabulous and uplifting experience! I have been recommending you to all of my friends and I know I will be contacting you again for another session. I would tell anyone who asked… Treat yourself and make an appointment. You will be very happy you did. No matter where you are on your life´s path, if you are willing to let go and receive, Lenka’s gift with the angels will surely assist you in moving gracefully toward the next destination on your journey.
– Barbara, Sweden

I have had three readings on separate occasions from Lenka – the first time was just after my Grandmother had passed a few months prior – she was able to connect with her and give me messages. She enlightened me on my own personal changes. I also had a telephone session with her, she was able to enlighten me on the struggles I was currently facing and advice was given to her by my spirit guides how to overcome them. She connected me with my animal spirit guides and also picked up on health issues that a family member is currently facing and advised me how he could possibly get better. Helped me analyze some of my dreams. Lenka is an absolutely wonderful woman, to work with. I would not be the enlightened, spiritual individual I am today if it wasn’t for her. I would recommend her to anyone I can. She is so wonderful with people! Thanks Lenka for always providing such a spiritual enlightening experience and helping me through some tough times in my life. xo
– Alysha, Brantford, ON

My dear friend Lenka, I have come to see you a few times now, in happy times and in sad times. But no matter why I came to seek your guidance, you have always been kind and you amazing ability to pass on such peace and hope, guidance and light is the most wonderful gift you can give and one person can receive.
Everything you have ever read in my cards or channeled has come true. Even the time frames where accurate. I have always left your home feeling elevated and peaceful. And I am not saying that all you said was what I wanted to hear, even the things I did not wanted to hear you made better and more acceptable. Giving me my guardian angels name has helped me through many things in my life. I love you as a friend and I value and appreciate your amazing gift. I hope you feel all the love I send out to you too…
Thank you for all you do and for helping so many people in need. You are an angel yourself my friend.
– Michaela, Niagara Falls,ON
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