Janet Lippa, Divine Connection

Janet Lippa, Divine Connection
Name: Janet Lippa
Business Name: Divine Connection
My calling: Spiritual medium and Reiki Master
Service City: Beamsville
Call/Text: 647-400-4488
What brought me to this work?: I first visited The Church of Universal Love in Toronto and was given a message that I will be up there doing what she was doing. I thought yeah sure. Two weeks later I was there again and was introduced to the founder of Universal. He said to my friend this is your next Reverend. I wondered if this was how they recruited new mediums. Now fast forward; my husband passed from cancer within two years, so I made the decision to go to Lily Dale at Fellowships and take their medium, healing and become a Reverend classes. I completed the first year. I am continuing my education with the Spiritualist Church of Canada to become ordained in Canada. I speak in different Spiritual Churches and offer proof of Spirit. I had no idea how much I would come to love this connection, and work to maintain the highest integrity. I am also blessed to be able to offer Spiritual healing in churches, and also in the healing temple in Lily Dale. Thank You.
What services do I offer?:

Bringing Messages of Upliftment, Comfort and Peace
Receive messages from Spirit bringing forward messages of upliftment, comfort and peace, from your loved ones, and Spirit Guides.

Spirit Guided Healing Working Hand in Hand with Spirit
Relax and allow this transformation of Spiritual Healing, Trusting the flow of energy from the highest vibration of love for each person. Being able to release unhealthy conditions, or situations, that no longer serve your highest good.

Self Healing Workshops
Find out more, discover who you are and how to learn more on your journey to Love for yourself, “You are Love, you deserve Love” You will go deeper into you, then ever before, and rediscover just how loved you are, by you, and others.

Hosting Meditation Circles
Hosting meditation circles, both at an intermediate level, and also advanced deeper level, allowing yourself to become one with the calming energy, and emptying ones mind.

Reiki Master Instructor
Reiki classes are available at all levels, from beginner, to receiving your Masters certificate, learning how to open all the energy cycles, in the human body, allowing healing to flow through, and honoring this very long valued tradition.

What philosophy do I live by?: That we are all Spirit, and our experiences and our journeys help each of us to learn about love, forgiveness, and respect.

We need to understand our Ego, learn to rise above, and connect with our higher self.
Word on the Street: This past April 22, I held a fundraiser for our dog rescue group called Buttonnoses. The event was called Tealightful Tarots and Mediums. Thanks to Janet Lippa, the event was a great success! People came to support our rescue by receiving readings, where all the proceeds went to our dogs in need of medical care. Janet and her fellow medium and tarot readers delivered messages from 12-4 pm non-stop! Everyone was happy and amazed with messages they received and are looking forward to the next event. This is the second such event that Janet has generously donated her time and gift to for Buttonnoses. We could not have done this with out her.
Thank you Janet for making our special event exciting and successful. We can’t wait to work with you again!
– Gayle W.

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful reading you gave me at our Spiritual Niagara Event. The information regarding my sister in law was was so encouraging for me as I was very unsure about re-connecting with her after a 10 year dis-connect with my family. You were also correct in validating my personality of always being optimistic and forgiving but also letting me know that it is ok to say No and follow my gut instinct. I hope you realize what a loving, warm and safe space you create that instantly invites Peace, Love and Healing from Spirit.
Thank you for sharing your gift with me.
– lots of Love Chris

I went to Janet for a healing, as I was having some issues in my life, as soon as I arrived, I felt the peace and harmony that surrounds this wonderful women. In my healing my Dad visited and my Grandma adjusted the covers while I was very much relaxed, actually I felt like I was floating. Still in the healing energy, Janet pulled up a chair beside the table and proceeded to give me messages from my Dad that brought tears to my eyes and Dad actually helped me with my issues I was having. I would recommend Janet for and amazing experience with healing and with the connection of Spirit.
– Sue W.
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