Janet Christmas, Janet Christmas Wellness
Janet Christmas, Janet Christmas Wellness
Janet Christmas
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Janet Christmas Wellness
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Registered Herbalist and BioMeridian BioScanner, Holistic Nutrition
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What brought me to this work?
Years of suffering from one food sensitivity after another lead me to learn how to determine exactly the cause of the reactions. From years of studying I have learned how to heal the body so as to keep the discomforts away.

I believe you no longer need to suffer from the symptoms of sensitivities to foods or the environment, or guess what is triggering the symptoms. I see today’s increasingly unnatural environment as a contribution to why we suffer.

The BioMeridian BioScan process is a pain-free, needle-free method to uncover imbalances in the body and gain insights to the causes of symptoms.

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Registered Therapeutic Herbalist. I have years of experience helping clients by using the BioMeridian body scan system to help uncover the imbalances causing discomforts.

What services do I offer?

BioMeridian BioScan
At Janet Christmas Wellness I use the BioMeridian BioScan process, which is a pain-free, needle-free method to uncover imbalances in the body and help gain insight into the root causes of the symptoms.

Herbal Tonics
As a Registered Herbalist prepare an Herbal Tonic specifically for the needs of the client. This along with nutritional advice the client has a natural alternative treatment when the mainstream has failed them.

What philosophy do I live by?
The body knows how to heal itself. With some guidance and proper nutrition we can rid ourselves of the triggers that bring on illness. Some illness is brought on by stress of our spiritual side. For optimal wellness, the whole body approach of the body, mind and spirit must be considered.

Word on the Street
"Janet is full of knowledge and wisdom! She is a great listener and passionate helping others. This allows her to seek the best solution for them while also providing options - considering budget, allergies and their preferences. She is constantly researching and staying informed with the latest information and education available. Janet walks the talk, living a healthy and whole lifestyle, growing herbs and vegetables in her own backyard. I love that she will tie in supplementation with the wholesome food and recipes to improve one's health."
- Emily Burtnik hBSc. R.H.N. - Burlington, ON

"Janet is a very experienced Herbalist with a great enthusiasm for her work. Her knowledge of herbs means that she always has a well-educated answer for any questions I might have. The passion she has is evident when she answers questions and I could listen to her all day! She has helped me on more than one occasion to learn about herbs and the natural benefits that they offer."
- Natalie Armstrong-Howard, Burlington, ON

"I went to Janet for a BioScan and it helped me decide which of my supplements to continue taking and which ones were causing me to feel unwell. The body system scan gave me insight as to what was going on in my body, and the food allergy testing helped me know what direction to take with foods. It was a good head start to an elimination diet so I can retest in the future. Much thanks Janet"
- Kaitlyn Kelly - Dundas, ON
  • Janet Christmas, Janet Christmas Wellness
  • Janet Christmas, Janet Christmas Wellness

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