Emilie Fowler, Willpower Institute Meditation Centre

Emilie Fowler, Willpower Institute Meditation Centre
Name: Emilie Fowler
Business Name: Willpower Institute
Where to find me: 4694 Morrison Street, Niagara Falls
My calling: Co-ordinator/Meditation Instructor
Service City: Niagara Falls
How to reach me: 905-374-8849
Connect with me on Facebook: Willpower Institute
What brought me to this work?: Wish I could tell you that teaching meditation has always been my goal. Not so. Life has not always been a smooth, straight, quiet highway. There have been many detours along the way, some unexpected and some of my own choosing. Some of those detours and side roads were incredibly beautiful and fulfilling and some were rough and full of bumps, potholes and stones. Every experience, however, was my life university and many people became my teachers whether they knew it or not. On one such detour, I practiced Zen meditation for awhile, on others, I studied shamanism, goddess spirituality and various healing modalities. It was a spiritual buffet- try a little of this and a little of that. Almost 20 years ago, I saw a flyer advertising a free meditation Course offered by Willpower Institute Meditation Centre, right here in Niagara Falls. I signed up for the 6 month Course and have never looked back. I was invited to become an instructor the same year I graduated from the Course and I, somewhat reluctantly, agreed. Although I never planned on becoming a meditation instructor, I discovered I loved sharing Master Teacher Luang Phor Viriyang’s teachings with people who came to the daily classes. Since that first year, I’ve had the privilege of teaching meditation for Willpower Institute in Canada, the U.S. and, more recently, in Thailand. I learn so much from the students as we explore this meditative journey together- how to slow down, strengthen our minds and develop insight and wisdom. That’s how we find peace.
What services do I offer?:

Willpower Institute Meditation Centres offer a FREE meditation course, open to everyone, regardless of belief system. It is a simple but powerful meditation technique offering both theory of meditation and practice of meditation. Graduates who have met attendance criteria, will write an exam and receive a certificate. They also have the option of attending a 2 week meditation Retreat in Thailand.

What philosophy do I live by?: This human live is precious. Live each moment whatever it may bring. There is an expiry date.
Word on the Street: With deepest appreciation to Willpower, the well informed and motivating instructors and all those involved with Willpower Institute. It’s a lifelong and life changing gift of treasured teachings. It’s an enormous opportunity to improve our quality of life. With perpetual appreciation and unexpected blessings
– Ramona Lee, Graduate

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to be blessed in our lives with something very special. This happened to me in 2015, when I walked through the doors of Willpower Institute. This experience was the beginning of a new me. Without going too deep, I was lost, I was hurting, and I was broken. I had been struggling for far too long, and I couldn’t find a way out. I had tried everything. Then, the Universe leads me to Willpower. From the moment I walked through the doors, I knew this was something different. It was warm, it was safe, the energy was calm, and it felt good to my soul. The instructors were all so kind and informative, and each and every day I slowly felt my dark and broken cracks fill up with light. I never thought I of all people would be able to learn to meditate. But I did! Completing the full course was necessary for me to get the full benefit. It was the very best decision I ever made for myself, and for my family. Now, meditation is my favourite go to medication! Meditation is medication for my mind. And healing my mind has healed my soul. I will be forever grateful to Willpower Institute, the trip to Thailand was just icing on the cake. The change it’s created in me can never be taken away. The ripple effect that it has carried over to others, and changes I’ve made in my life I am very proud of. Meditation will always remain a part of my life, as it keeps me connected to who I am, and keeps me very happy. It’s such a wonderful way to live. My wish would be that everyone would say “yes” to themselves, and give themselves this gift of the Free Meditation Course that Willpower Institute offers… because it would change their life too.
– With Love & Gratitude, Kristina Quinn

Willpower Institute. My sanctuary. I was settled into a daily meditation for quite some time when I learned of Willpower Institute. I was intrigued so I attended my first group meditation session. I was immediately welcomed with warmth and acceptance. I was shown exactly what I needed to do. Shortly after attending a few sessions, I decided to take the 6 month course. The doors that it opened were incredible. I learned a lot about myself over the time I was in classes daily. How to focus without distraction was my biggest take away. Being able to travel to Thailand for graduation was just the icing on the cake. I will forever hold those memories in high regard with a special place in my heart. The instructors were top notch and shared freely of their experiences and knowledge. I cannot recommend Willpower Institute enough. If you are looking to find tranquility through meditation, join in.
– Marnie Prokator

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