Kelly Serniak, Essential Spirit Mama

Kelly Serniak, Essential Spirit Mama
Name: Kelly Serniak
Business Name: Essential Spirit Mama
My calling: Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher and Personal Growth Workshop Facilitator.
Service City: Welland
Call/Text: 905-329-7486
Connect with me on Facebook: Essential Spirit Mama
Personal Facebook page: Send a Friend Request
What brought me to this work?: I’ve come to learn and lean into the fact that my life’s mission is to connect with likeminded people who are on a journey to healing no matter where you are in the process I’d love to join you!

I am a mama to 2 beautiful souls that have become my biggest teachers & have brought me to beautiful places, and have facilitated so much healing, joy & at times madness (LOL…lets keep it real mama’s)!

As Reiki Master & practitioner and I am able to tap into universal life energy and use this healing method to help your body, mind & spirit heal from old wounds and walk into the future confident & tapped back into your TRUE purpose and path. I also LOVE teaching Reiki because its such a powerful self healing tool too.

I have gone thru my own personal struggles & hardships in life so I get it, I understand the depths of struggle & sorrow & I also know & feel the heights to which it can be turned around into JOY & PEACE.

Having journeyed out the other side of it to now live an amazing life full of love, travel, and family and all things Spiritual I feel like I have a PhD in life and I want to use the skills I’ve acquired to help others do the same.

If you’ve connected with this message your in the right place, welcome we have a spot waiting just for you xo
What services do I offer?:

Reiki Healing Sessions are aprrox. 60-75 min. long. It is a full body energy treatment to help move emotions & old stuck energy out of the body and also promotes relaxation.
I’m Teaching Level 1 & 2 Reiki this fall. both are 1 day courses taught in Niagara.
I Will be offering Level 3 in the new year 2020.
Aroma touch Technique uses essential oils along with a hands on treatment that promotes balanced energy, boosted immune system and raises your energy levels.
1 day Retreats/Workshops in a beautiful location within Niagara. There are different themed days focused on Self Love, Healing & Renewal of the mind body & spirit through mediation, yoga, essential oils & crystals, journaling time etc. and healthy meals & snacks are provided too.

What philosophy do I live by?: 1. Everything happens for a reason.
2. This too shall pass.
3. We are not meant to be perfect we are meant to be WHOLE.
4. Everyone can find healing & is worthy of it.
5. Laughter is key.
Word on the Street: I had my first full reiki session with Kelly and wow what a great feeling. Feeling like I left behind a lot of baggage with all the releasing that happened. I didn’t want to leave. Even a week later I still feel so grounded and aligned. She is so kind and compassionate making you feel so comfortable. She gave me the option of having a quiet session or one where we shared information back and forth. I have never had an energy treatment where we spoke throughout the treatment which was really a new experience, it really affirmed what was happening. I would definitely recommend Kelly and am excited to get my next treatment!~Julie

Thank you Kelly for a lovely session. I felt very peaceful that night after my Reiki session. I hadn’t felt that way in a very long time & I had a great sleep too!~Agnes

I loved the Reiki training, everything about it really resonated with me and I know I’m meant to have reiki in my life. I could feel the energy while you were doing the reiki example during class. I did feel change in my temperature; warmer around my head, throat and heart. I felt coldness in my hands. While you were doing the group work I had already felt warm vibrations in my hands before you got to me and touched my hands. That night I had a great sense of zen however the next day was filled with emotion, more emotion than I have felt in a while it was uncomfortable but I worked through it. I’ve been working through cleanse of mind, body and soul and I feel that your Reiki training is an important part of that journey 💟 ~Tasha
  • Kelly Serniak, Essential Spirit Mama
  • Kelly Serniak, Essential Spirit Mama

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