Marybeth Haines, The Gal Who Speaks With Animals

Marybeth Haines, The Gal Who Speaks With Animals
Marybeth Haines
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The GAL Who Speaks With Animals
My calling:
Animal Communicator, Channel, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, Aqualead Master, Certified Pet Loss & Grief Companioning Specialist
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Crystal Beach, Beamsville, Dunnville, Grimsby, Fenwick, Fonthill, Fort Erie, Lincoln, Lowbanks, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Port Colborne, Port Robinson, Ridgeway, St. Anns, St. Catharines, Stevensville, Thorold, Vineland, Wainfleet, Welland, Wellandport
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What brought me to this work?:
Greetings! My name is Marybeth Haines and my journey is all about animals and the humans who love them.

Living on a hobby farm at a young age with many animals, I always had a pet of some sort. The older I became, I grew closer to these beautiful friends I called pets. Realizing that these loving creatures were not just animals, that they carried a unique bond and special meaning, brought me to understand that there was more to life than “just a pet”. I’ve learned that animals have a voice and wish to be heard and it is an honour to serve them by relaying their messages through animal communication.

The voice of an animal is loving and true. Being able to hear them continues to guide me for making a difference in this world on their behalf. Animals share wisdom and deep knowledge and it is through their messages that they can become even closer with their human family by strengthening their bond and connection together. Such a wonderful gift!

I have chosen my career to be the “voice” for our animal companions, an advocate for their messages and a gatekeeper for the space in which they share their love with humanity. As an Animal Communicator and Intuitive, I am a seeker of their messages with the intention to inspire others in growth, healing and raising the vibration and awareness of our collective consciousness and resonance towards animals. It’s time to listen to what they wish to say and I welcome you to join me and make a difference!
What services do I offer?:

I am delighted and honoured to offer the following services:

Animal Communication Consultations
Animals come from the same source as us. The only difference in communication is ‘how’ they communicate. They are sentient beings and have feelings, intelligence, concerns and worries but may not be able to communicate those feelings to their family who love them. As an animal communicator, I can help with this. A communication session can help with understanding issues, behaviours, situations, life changes and even end of life/death wishes. Animal communication comes with many blessings and it’s a rewarding experience for both animal and human to give and receive this type of communication together in a beautiful way.

Animal Communication Workshops and Trainings
Whether you have an animal companion at home or a special kinship with a species in the wild, have you ever wondered what they are trying to say when they stare into your eyes? As a guardian to our beloved animal friends, it is our responsibility to support them in the best way and this workshop will help you learn how. Together we will open up the world of animal communication by teaching you how to communicate effectively with them. It will be an honour to serve in showing you how to take your relationship with animals to the next level and watch your connection with them become even stronger.

Aqualead Certification and Personal Sessions
Aqualead is a relatively new vibration for healing. It is an energy therapy focused on healing water in both living beings and the environment. This includes animals, plants…all living beings. Although Aqualead is a healing energy that works on many levels, it is a modality to support the bridge between the minds of people and animals, therefore enhancing communication with each other. Aqualead enhances telepathy and trust between both people and animals and teaches us to listen to the wisdom and simplicity that an animal brings. It is a modality that will assist us in sending healing to animals whether domesticated in our homes, in forests and with wildlife or in the oceans with whales and dolphins and can be performed near animals or remotely from a distance, to an individual animal or a group of them. I offer Aqualead certification workshops and personal healing sessions to the community by donations only. There is never any fee for this Aqualead service.

To learn more about any of the above services, please visit:

What philosophy do I live by?:
I feel a deep resonance to live life to the fullest by coming from a place of love and kindness to all things, living, animate and inanimate. My philosophy includes embracing all that life has to offer and to realize that there is so much we don’t know we don’t know 🙂 …and as we continue to grow, we learn and that is how we make a difference together as one collective unity. We all have a special purpose as to why were are here and when we embrace that, we find our true calling and that feels right to me.
Word on the Street:
Marybeth has such a gift! From just sending a picture to her, she connected with our Marley and was spot on in many ways. She relayed his messages to us in a caring and loving way and brought up things that she couldn’t have know without asking us. We were really quite impressed (an a bit spooked!). We truly believe that this has drawn us closer to Marley, and we are very grateful for that!
– Johnny MacDonald and Angela, Sacco St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Our 9 year old German Shepherd had begun experiencing mobility issues coupled with pain. Although we he has been receiving physiotherapy and pain medication we wanted to know how it felt from his perspective and if we were missing anything. Marybeth brilliantly connected with Arcos and with his guides! We now know we are on the right action plan. The cherry on top is when he told Marybeth he has the life of a king! (Arcos is a King Shepherd!) – Brenda Hobbs, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

I had such a beautiful, warm reading from Marybeth Haines. She was amazing and picked up things that were so accurate about my cockatiel. I was given such beautiful messages and I even sent her pics and videos to provide her with evidence to show how accurate she was. I will cherish these messages from my sweet girl, thank you
– S. Montgomery, USA
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