Patricia Milland, The Universe Unfolds
Patricia Milland, The Universe Unfolds
Patricia Milland
Business Name
The Universe Unfolds
My calling
Master Life & Spiritual Coach and Energy Healer
Service City
Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Port Colborne, St. Catharines, Welland
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What brought me to this work?
I have been a coach/teacher/mentor/energy healer my whole life. My gifts are many that I was unaware of at a conscious level until my later years although I was ‘doing’ it all. So many individuals have inspired me over the years, from my NLP teachers, to Deepak Chopra, to Janice Anderson – more people than I can list here.

My focus is to help women who have a history of abuse, sexual, and otherwise. This is my story and I have found calm and peace in my life. I specialize in Mind/Body/Spiritual health focusing on how we manifest our realities and its impact on our emotional, physical and spiritual health. I am passionate about meditation, journaling, mind/body health. I hold weekly programs & workshops on a number of life-changing topics. ie. Forgiveness, Unconditional Love, Compassion/Loving Kindness, and more.

Professional certifications: NLP Master Practitioner; Life & Spiritual Coach Master Practitioner; Mindfulness & Meditation Master Practitioner; Energy Healing and Wellness Practitioner; LAB (Language & Behavioural) Profile; iWAM - Inventory of Work Attitudes and Motivation; Developmental Business Coach; EFT; Symbolic Modelling - Clean Language; Reiki - Level 1

Specialties: Mind/Body/Spiritual Health Facilitator, Teaching, Coaching, Energy Healing, Mentoring, Meditation, Journaling, Chakras
What services do I offer?

I hold workshops that relate to our daily life issues such as forgiveness, Mother issues, compassion/loving kindness, unconditional love, meditation, chakras, journaling providing you with tools and resources to lead a life that brings more calm from the chaos in your lives.

Life & Spiritual Coach
As a Master NLP Practitioner, Life & Spiritual Coach Master Practitioner I know how to listen and how to help you find higher levels of peace and contentment in your lives. I only work with those who are ready to help themselves. My specialty is helping you find your answers from within and using my God given gifts of perception, intuition and wisdom.

Mindfulness & Meditation Master Practitioner
I hold weekly programs, some as drop-in, others as multi-week programs, teaching beginners and experienced practitioners about the benefits of meditation. It's what you get "in between" the teaching that tends to be most powerful.

Energy Healer
Using my life-long gift, I help balance your Chakras which typically includes helping you become aware of your "stuck" points and how to become unstuck.

What philosophy do I live by?
The Universe Unfolds is the name of my company – for good reason. What I put out there, comes back to me, usually ten-fold. I live my life, as best I can, a life of compassion, loving-kindness, and unconditional love. What goes around, comes around – so I, and only I, am responsible for my life and how I live it. My belief systems, my life experiences, my gifts, my intentions and attentions, my choices – all lead me to who and what I am today. Who and What I am (and you!) is right.
Word on the Street
"Yesterday I received the most amazing Energy Healing from Patricia. She is the most loving and compassionate person I have ever met. The healing went well over an hour, but great shifts and healing has taken place. My energy will still move and shift over the next 3 days, though getting through negative core beliefs which no longer serve me feels so freeing! I love how she integrates mind /body connections and the affirmations which compliments the neg. core beliefs being held within each chakra. Such a powerful healing, and always reminding myself... Sometimes, well most times the Teacher becomes the Student. Every Energy Healer, needs a Healer... I highly recommend Patricia."
- Janice Anderson of Neshama at Peace, St. Catharines ON

"Pat Milland is the most unselfish person I know. When the chips are down, she is a person you can depend on to be there, to support your vision and to urge you into action. Pat's unquestioning love for people and the success they desire for them selves is second to none. I highly recommend her services."
- Mike Jay, Master Business Coach Mitchell, Nebraska Founder, BCoach Systems and Leadership University

"Pat Milland has the rare ability to blend compassion and conciseness in her coaching approach. Quickly penetrating to the heart of what matters, she assists her clients make actionable what is important while recognizing their own spiritual path. She is also a superb instructor, having served with her as a master business coach instructor/student in B-Coach Systems."
- Thomas Jarrett, LCSW New Jersey, USA Executive Developmental Coach & Cognitive Psychotherapy
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