Charlene Hancock, Mind Joy Life Coaching

Charlene Hancock, Mind Joy Life Coaching
Charlene Hancock
Business Name:
Mind Joy Life Coaching
My calling:
Life Coach, Mentor, Problem Solver, Solution Finder,
Service City:
St. Catharines
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What brought me to this work?:
I summarize myself as an acquired communicator and feel confidently connected to my passion of Life Coaching. I love people and feel great sense of accomplishment when I can use my skills and experience to guide others into their personal power.
Certified Life Coach/Coach Training Alliance 2006
Charlene is a Certified Jack Canfield Trainer January 2018 ; Jack Canfield is the Author of The Chicken Soup for The Soul Series, as well, Jack Co-founded the International Transformational Institute which you may find me under Charlene Hancock in the Canfield International Life Coaches’ Directory.
What services do I offer?:

One to One Life Coaching online through messenger, skype, telephone, whats ap. Find out how a one hour complimentary coaching session can set you up for your next steps in your story….

What philosophy do I live by?:
I am a Life Coach on a Mission. I have founded my Life Coaching company with The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. These Agreements are an ancient Toltec Lineage and they are comprised from Artists, Seeèrs, Philosophers, Poets going back as far as 1200 bc. I help people Keep life simple because I share the knowing of how to practice living in these Agreements in every life. Teaching and Facilitating others to know their practice has saved them from years of negative unconscious reactions in their daily living.
Word on the Street:
“Charlene is amazing and inspirational!! She has been my life coach for a short period of time and I can’t express how much she has helped me. I can’t wait to continue the journey of life transformation. Thanks Charlene for your passion during my transformation. I highly recommend Charlene to anyone that is looking for a life coach. Truly worth every minute. “
– Michael Smith ~ Port Colborne, Ontario

“In my experience with Charlene she was absolutely great! She’s insightful, respectful and very open. I learned a lot about myself and I feel like I have a much more clear idea of the life I desire. I have done The 4 Agreements workshops and The Passion Test with her and they were wonderful, eye opening experiences. She’s a great listener and is filled with wisdom and warmth to help guide you through your life path. If you feel stuck or trapped in life, I highly recommend a session with Charlene. She’s one of a kind!”
– Anthony Duz ~ St. Catharines, Ontario

“I LOVED the Four Agreements workshops!!! I found myself very much looking forward to each workshop once I experienced the first one. I felt some major shifts happen in my old ways of thinking and feeling that I’ve needed to clear to get “unstuck” in my life. The Four Agreements really helped elevate my thinking about other people and relationships as well. It’s extremely freeing to understand not to take things personally and not to make assumptions. It’s like I’ve gotten a clear map on how to navigate life. The meditations are wonderful and it was awesome to be able to experience that in the wonderful space Charlene provides; so peaceful and calming. It was worth going even just to experience the meditations, but the shifts that I experienced, I believe will carry me to exactly where I want to go. Going in with an open mind really allowed me to open up. Now I just need to practice and give it my best and keep on moving forward :)”
– Alexis Korotash ~ St. Catharines
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