Carolyn Shannon, Empowerment Starts Here
Carolyn Shannon, Empowerment Starts Here
Carolyn Shannon
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Empowerment Starts Here
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Author, Artist, Speaker, Healer, Life & Business Coach
Service City
Niagara Falls
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What brought me to this work?
A tumultuous childhood, from which I was ready to leave at the age of 5, feeling this wasn't the life I wanted to live after all. Being a hairstylist, then high school teacher of a customer service subject for many years, I learned to trust the universe had a plan and find ways to cope with stress, and to help my students handle life's daily trials in more positive ways. Further development of these techniques for first myself, then others led to the development of the recent umbrella, Empowerment Starts Here and the many useful tools of self-empowerment it represents.
What services do I offer?

EMPOWERMENT STARTS HERE Encompasses the Following Services:

Venting Creatively - New Zoom Perceptual Vision Heartwork Coloring Sessions that will give you an in-depth look into Yourself through 1 or All 6 Sessions. You can view these and register for the currently scheduled sessions here.

And if you would like to get Your Heart Pumping, Your Lungs Expanding & Your Brain Balanced with a FUN Laughter Fitness Program (30 min or 60 minutes includes Lymph & Laughter drainage) on Zoom, join me. See what's available and register here. The first session is always free, then just $20 for five sessions if you love it as much as we do. Check out Days & Times here:

Do YOU have a WOW Gal Story to share, a WOW Gal Angel Tribute, or WOW Pet Tribute to contribute? Find out more info here.

What philosophy do I live by?
My favourite quote in life is "the past cannot be changed" but the future can be anything you want it to be". I take this one step further by saying, "the past can be revisited occasionally, long enough to gain insight into creating a better future. We need ALL the puzzle pieces of our lives to create the whole "authentic" person we came here to be. I also feel there are no mistakes only wake up calls leading to the opportunity to both look at and do things from a different view.
Word on the Street
"Carolyn helps many through her workshops and CDs. She has a gift and uses laughter to teach. How beautiful!"
- Kathy Upper, Spiritual Niagara

"Carolyn is an amazing woman. She seeks only to empower others through her many businesses. Owner of WOW magazine that celebrates Woman and their accomplishments, DE-Stress to Manifest - teaching us all to let go of the stress so we can move forward, Leader of BEEniagara Business Networking Group and her newest venture of Laughter Yoga - teaching us the art and importance of laughter in our life. Thank you Carolyn for all you do and all you give!"
- Wendy Mathews

"Carolyn, once again I am taken to a space of Awe! OMG! I am instantly transported back in time almost 30 years ago when I first met him! A TEDDY BEAR with a Back-Bone ... that was my first impression of him. WOW!! This same picture-message jumps off the page - to give me a wake-up remembering. I write to share this with you of my experience of your truly amazing and somewhat magical exercise of ART FROM THE HEART. It has taken my breathe away in such a gentle, simplistic way yet hitting me with impact. I certainly recommend this technique of examining and seeking guidance to all who seek the same. I know exactly what my best choice of approach to my future now is! Thank you so much for developing and teaching this exceptional technique to assist me in lifting my blocks in life."
- Gloria Messenger, The Angel Messenger - who channels The Angels of The Light.

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