Rev. Vanessa Hurst, Seven Crows
Rev. Vanessa Hurst, Seven Crows
Rev. Vanessa Hurst
Business Name
Seven Crows
Where to find me
Port Colborne
My calling
International Clairvoyant Medium, Psychic, Spiritual Artist, Personal & Space Clearer, Past-Life Regressionist and Metaphysical/Spiritual Instructor
Service City
Crystal Beach, Beamsville, Dunnville, Grimsby, Fenwick, Fonthill, Fort Erie, Lincoln, Lowbanks, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Port Colborne, Port Robinson, Ridgeway, St. Anns, St. Catharines, Stevensville, Thorold, Vineland, Wainfleet, Welland, Wellandport
How to reach me
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What brought me to this work?
Vanessa Hurst is a 21-time award winning, 6th Generation International Clairvoyant Medium from Port Colborne, Ontario with 32 years of experience in Psychic/Mediumship guidance. She’s an instructor in the metaphysical/paranormal arts, an artist, an author, and popular personality for platform/gallery Mediumship, radio, podcast and TV shows.

She is constantly looking to grow her knowledge of all things paranormal and has been under the tutelage of various masters since 1988, exploring a wide berth of topics; mediumship, cleansing, energy healing modalities, tarot, parapsychology, drum-making, essential oils, applied psychology, life coaching, portrait work, grief counseling, end of life therapy, past life regression and so much more.

Vanessa finds working with spirit a fun and rewarding path whether it’s connecting a loved one or clearing a home for an owner. Her biggest drive for her work comes from the sense of fulfillment that it provides. There will always be more to learn, more people to help and more friendships to make. It’s a work that fills her with peace and joy and allows her to provide love and comfort to those that have found themselves in difficult, often painful situations.

She is considered one of Southern Ontario’s best home rescuers for clearing negativities and stubborn spirits from homes, and has been featured on a number of programs; Niagara as well as Hamilton’s local news, Shadow Hunters and Paranormal Survivor TV series, Metaphysical Moments and The Gifted Onez podcast, The Black Cat Lounge podcast and radio programs for Brock University and Giant FM. She has won 21 awards based on public voting for her work as a psychic, medium and spiritual artisan, hypnotherapist and lifetime excellence awards!

Vanessa looks forward to learning more on her path of helping clients around the world and bringing them no-nonsense spirit messages, predictions, teachings, cleansings and advice. Be sure to contact Vanessa for more information about her work, she’s happy to answer any questions.

What services do I offer?

Clairvoyant Medium Readings
I read past, present and future, and speak with passed on loved ones and spirit guides to provide clarity for my clients in their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual paths. I can’t tell them what to do but I can show them all the choices!

I offer one-to-one sessions (in person or by phone) or reading parties.

Past Life Regression
For past life regression, I guide my client into a deep meditative state that allows them to recall memories from their past lives.

I’ve trained under some of the most significant masters of past life regression in Canada, and I’ve studied the work since 1987.

Past Life Regression Therapy
A distinct form of past life regression that aims to release the traumatic and painful memories of former lives that have lingered to pain clients in the present. The goal of this therapy is to find the source of and release anguish that seems to have no source.

Classes (Spiritual, Metaphysical, Visual Art)
Got a yearning for learning? I provide classes and workshops in a variety of disciplines.
Contact me to find out what’s available, or to book a one-on-one session!

Support/Life Coaching Sessions
As a certified Life Coach and lifelong student of human behaviour, I’d be delighted to help provide you with guidance from the lessons I’ve learned and the clarity I’ve found both for myself and others.

Paranormal Investigations/Personal & Property Clearings
I use different investigation techniques to understand/evaluate a low-level vibration or spirit and with that understanding choose the appropriate technique for clearing, which can depend on a whole host of factors.

I can clear any sort of building, individual or object with 28 years of experience, as well as teach the individual/ property owner how to effectively maintain their property after the initial clearing.

Forensic Psychic/ Remote Viewing Investigation
I am one in 4 amazing Psychic woman of the group “IPM” that was founded and instructed by Dr. Tracy Kennedy. I am trained on many different levels of Forensic and R.V. Investigations.

Art Therapy
In my work as an artist, I’ve become a published portrait Artist in NYC. Including work with the Beatles, that was acknowledged by Sid Bernstein, NYC Beatles Promoter; and John Lennon’s wife, Yoko Ono, for her art and meditation class Peace Art.

My art therapy classes provide a fun and peaceful atmosphere where we look at vibration, meditation and art, incorporating lots of laughter! Great for all ages and skill levels.

Spirit Guide Portraits
By tuning in to spirit, I can draw and color a client’s Spirit Guide and provide their messages. Ever wanted to know about who is watching over you? Book a session today!

Commissioned Portraits – People, Pets and things!
Outside of the work I do in therapeutic and spiritual art, I also provide commissions! Is there someone or a pet you want immortalized on canvas? Feel free to contact me to find out more information. Check out my portraits in my art group on Facebook – Peace Art by Vanessa Hurst

Hand-crafted Metaphysical Tools
Metaphysical tools can come in all sorts of shapes, meanings and purposes, but I’m sure we can find one that fits your purpose. From wands to pendulums, and anything in-between, contact me to find that special object that will empower your ability to reach into the metaphysical!

What philosophy do I live by?
I choose to live my life as honest as possible and to always do my best. I will keep learning and in turn teach what I have learned. That is my job, why I was born. I am what I am and I will be that, nothing more nothing less! ~ Vanessa Hurst
Word on the Street
Last week I did something I've never done before. I spoke to a psychic. @TheBigVr offered to do a reading and I thought sure, why not! It was an interesting experience. She was super nice, respectful and honestly said a few things that I was surprised by! Thank you Vanessa!
- Sarah Dunsworth-Nickerson, Trailer Park Boys

I have to say that I myself am a healer and an intuitive with many gifts to assist people. I found Vanessa Hurst by a friends recommendation. What she helped me discover was so life changing that I told her I had truly been looking for her for over four years. When she did the first reading it changed my life and my outlook completely. I could relax and move into the true person I am and work that really fits me best. It was not two days and I called her again to understand another depth to my life and my whole families lives and how we would fit together in a very special way in the future. Vanessa`s practical and wise approach to life gave me great inspiration and forward movement to my life and my loved ones. I would recommend her to everyone. I plan on continuing to call upon Vanessa Hurst regularly in the future.
- R. C. Keefer, Aptos, Ca

I've known Vanessa Hurst, since her early connections to my family. At the young tender ages, she would not read me, with honesty, she would explain that our young spirits change to quickly. It was not until my adult years, that I sought her guidance through situations when I desperately needed clarity. Vanessa Hurst is one of my most trusted, and is very wise in her practices. It allowed me see and appreciate the good in those storms I was facing. Vanessa Hurst, has the greatest ability to connect to spirits, realms, past & present. To see, feel, and read, the vibrations, an "average" person can not.
- N. Findlay~ Clairmont, Hamilton, ON.
  • Rev. Vanessa Hurst, Seven Crows
  • Rev. Vanessa Hurst, Seven Crows

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