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Amber Price
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Amber Price
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Clarity Coach, Spiritual Educator, Inspirational Speaker
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Crystal Beach, Beamsville, Dunnville, Grimsby, Fenwick, Fonthill, Fort Erie, Lincoln, Lowbanks, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Port Colborne, Port Robinson, Ridgeway, St. Anns, St. Catharines, Stevensville, Thorold, Vineland, Wainfleet, Welland, Wellandport
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What brought me to this work?
There were two things that I knew as my personal truth, the first was to be a mother and a wife, and the second was to work with others to help them live authentically so they can live their purpose. As I started my journey as a wife and mother, the way I saw life was changing before my eyes - I was in a spiritual awakening. As I continued on my journey, eyes wide open, I came to find myself more clearly and through this process I found clarity. This was the clarity, purpose, and authenticity that I knew my soul recognized and aligned to, and then I organically became connected with others who were experiencing the same. My professional spiritual journey started out connecting to souls and delivering messages that helped others find what they needed to aid in the grieving process, but soon it evolved into supporting and teaching other women how to find that clarity in their day-to-day life by living mindfully and authentically and owning their personal power. Today I am a Clarity Coach, Spiritual Educator, and Speaker that is inspired to help others find their purpose and live a life, absent of regret, full of meaningful experiences and connection.

My mission is to help women live with clarity & reclaim their personal power by developing their intuition and aligning to their authentic purpose and own it so I created Clarity Academy! I have been inspired to present the 'Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards' to honour and acknowledge the spiritual successes of Canadian Spiritual and Holistic Professionals. More recently, I joined forces with Jay Lane and Liz Throp to create The Psychic Associates to support Holisticpreneurs start or grow their business, and offer development courses for people who want to develop their own abilities.
What services do I offer?

As a Medium I can connect with spirit energy to deliver messages of healing, or validation.

As a Psychic I connect with Higher Self, Angels, and Guides to deliver messages of guidance for current or future events

Clarity Coach
As a Clarity Coach I facilitate your spiritual journey as you Explore & Enhance your own spiritual abilities to find clarity and align to your authentic self to live your purpose.

What philosophy do I live by?
Be you. Take risks. Always stand up for what you believe in with integrity and authenticity. This too shall pass. If you love someone tell them. Love hard and forgive quickly. More than anything, just believe. Anything is possible.
Word on the Street
After the loss of my son I had a lot of questions I needed answering, my friend raved about this women psychic here in Niagara Falls about how she would answer any questions I had. I booked a reading with Amber, from the time I crossed her front door until the end of my reading I felt so relaxed with this beautiful bubbly young women. I've been to Amber 4 times over the last year and a half and when my session is over I always leave happy, and with a lighter heart that knowing what she's told me about my son about his new life on the other side, things that he's told her to pass on to me that are so accurate. When anybody asks me do I know a good psychic, I say no but I do know a wonderful one. Her name is Amber Price!!
~ Cathy (Niagara Falls)

I lost my dad when I was 16. For so many years I wondered if my dad was around me especially during important milestones in my life as I grew up. Many years later I would come to meet Amber. I had no idea how much she would change my life. The things she knew was incredible. Things that I waited years to hear. To know my dad is around brings me peace. To know he's around my daughters brings me comfort because they didn't get to know him. I have seen Amber a few times now as I've come to lose more loved ones. Now noticing little signs that they are always with us. It's nice to know that loved ones are watching over my girls and I. The messages that I received were what I needed. And I can't thank her enough. ~ Roseanna (Thorold)

How do you begin to put your feelings into words after experiencing something that you never thought to be possible? This is where I sat upon writing a review on Amber. SO many of our loved ones came through and did amazing jobs of validating their presence. And not only grandparents who passed from "expected" ailments, but younger relatives who passed from things that nobody other than family knows the true story about all the details. On top off all of this, Amber provided names, death dates, professions, and even quirky habits/hobbies of relatives! I could probably write a novel about how absolutely thrilled and heart-warmed I felt after meeting her and spending just a short visit with her, but the best way that I can sum up our experience is by telling everyone that WE ARE BOOKING HER TO COME BACK AGAIN and are so excited to see what else "happens". What a fantastic way to "see" the other side. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts Amber - we love you!" ~ Brittney (Pt Colborne)
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