Brenda Hobbs, Prezent Life
Brenda Hobbs, Prezent Life
Brenda Hobbs
Business Name
Prezent Life with Brenda Hobbs
Where to find me
Niagara Falls
My calling
Meditation classes and workshops
Service City
Niagara Falls
289 686 0233
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What brought me to this work?
Meditation and Buddhist studies have been part of my life since my teenage years. In the last 10 years I have delved deeper into this modality and have discovered a lovely sense of peace that I enjoy sharing with others.
What services do I offer?

Meditation Instructor
Private and group meditation classes with life (dhamma) talks.

E-Mag Enlightener for Spiritual Niagara Insights
As a Spiritual Niagara Team member I am honoured to contribute to my Community in the role of E-Mag Enlightener: the editing and production of our monthly e-magazine.

What philosophy do I live by?
When you live in awareness the lessons are everywhere.
Word on the Street
I have attended 3, 4 week sessions with Brenda as my instructor.
As a true novice to the art of meditation, Brenda provided us with a safe environment with her calm and gentle manner and her vast knowledge .
We explored the journey of meditation - learning the basic principles including mindfulness, loving kindness, expanding our field of attention, working with the thoughts of attachment, becoming more aware of our perceptions and dealing with our emotions.
It was truly a privilege to attend these sessions with such a kind and knowledgeable mentor.

I have attended 3 consecutive sessions of meditation with Brenda this year and I was very impressed.
This was my first experience with meditation and Brenda made me feel very comfortable and helped me to get to my meditation state. She has a very calming effect and always encouraged conversation. Brenda answered our questions and concerns with the utmost respect, support and kindness.
We also received a weekly email summarizing our classes which I really enjoyed reading and Brenda was available by email as well if we had questions afterwards.
I would highly recommend her classes for anyone looking for a great meditation experience.

“I have attended Brenda’s meditation classes for a couple of months. I have thoroughly enjoyed them and have learned a lot!! My goal for trying meditation was to help calm my thoughts as my daily life can be so hectic. I wanted to learn how to “slow down” and become more centered.
It was hard to focus the mind!! Brenda is a great teacher…..her calm soothing voice during meditation helped me focus and slow down the mind as well as opening it up for healing!!
It is an amazing experience!! She talks about aspects of Buddha teachings during the classes which is very enlightening and intriguing!
I will definitely continue to meditate & will try to recall Brenda’s calm voice each time!!!”
  • Brenda Hobbs, Prezent Life
  • Brenda Hobbs, Prezent Life

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