Gloria Messenger, The Angel Messenger
Gloria Messenger, The Angel Messenger
Gloria Messenger
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The Angel Messenger
My calling
To Celebrate the Joy of Angel Love and Deliver that Important Message! My mission statement inspires me to express it with enthusiasm.
Service City
Niagara on the Lake
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What brought me to this work?
A Pivotal Wake-Up-Call in 1994 gifted me with an unforgettable Angel Intervention and a guided tour of the Heavens.
It all started during my honeymoon to the west coast of Canada. This transpired during a near-death-experience (NDE) that was the vehicle for me to recognize my Angels with their choreographed involvement in and on my earth life journey.
Once I was introduced to my Angels of The Light, my own mission was clearly given during this Angel guided tour. “To Celebrate the Joy of Angel Love and deliver that important Message.”
Yes, my new husband was surprised to say the least. He had just married me a few days earlier and had almost lost me. Now I’m talking about Angel visits! Guess that’s what … ‘For better or for worse!’ means?! Lol
What services do I offer?

Angel Portraits
I channel visual, tangible, reflective Angel Energy Portraits, that offers personal mirroring and visual inspiration.
Each portrait is tailored to the recipient and is given an Angel Communication Name to open and assist their connection.
These portraits are channelled for Personal, Business, Refresh, Children, Pets, or a gift of Love. They are each accompanied by original automatic-writings of guidance.

Guiding Messages and Readings
Soul Glimpses and Mission Statement Reminders plus other tools of enlightenment like your Passion, Level of Soul Growth and confirmation of your chosen Mission. Also offered are guided meditations, On Wings You Connect - downloadable as Mp3 or Free on YouTube – Healing Hands. Angel Readings are scheduled by phone or on Zoom.

My Books
A Mirroring Discovery … with Angel Visitation! - (this 295 page book was channelled in 32 consecutive days and holds an overflowing toolbox of Self-discovery guidance.)
The Rhythm of Angel Wings! … (this book is a colourful coffee-table style book that shares a collection of Angel encounter stories to touch and lift your own connection.)

Gloria’s Newest Tool
A Personal Angel-Wing-Plan (with step-by-step guidance.)
Refresh and Elevation of your Angel Portrait experience. Plus, the discovery of the somewhat hidden empowering clues we have placed in our lives. More details on my website:

What philosophy do I live by?
I look for the Big Picture mirroring discovery in my life these days. I believe this infinite energy can guide each of us into personal empowerment with a true Oneness Overview.
I know we have powerful Friends in High Places who focus and shower us with unconditional Love. I know our Angels are the Vibrational Energies of Source of ALL and they offer us guidance in Love, Joy, Solutions and Ease of struggle.
Word on the Street

“Angels came today from, Gloria Messenger. Beautiful, insightful and going up on my office wall for constant Angel gazing. When I explored Gloria Messenger’s website I immediately knew that I was to order one of her Angel Drawings and hang it on my wall of my new office in my new home. “Viveell” is my personal Angel to keep me company hour after hour as I meet with clients and complete my next book
~ Janet – North Carolina, USA.”

“Dear Gloria … I told you I got a frame for the portrait to hang in my bedroom. First, I thought it resembled Mom, then as I watched from a distance, I said … “But that’s me” It must have something to do with the eyes. This is unbelievable (unglaubliche!) I have my own Guardian Angels! Thank you. – Herta Maria – Bad Honnef, Germany.”

“Thank your so much for last night’s talk at our group. I think you did a great job of telling your story. It was very moving to me. I hadn’t realized that the name on the Angel portrait was the name that the Angels had for me too. – I thought it was the name of my Guardian Angel. Now I can see how powerful it is to simply be still and say – I am “Truest”. It brings up all kinds of feeling of trusting myself, forgiving myself on my own path, etc. I look forward to reading your books and accessing the other services you offer. Bye for now.
Lou Ann – PEI, Canada.”

“Hello Gloria Messenger … I must write to you here to thank you for the Angel Portrait and Message that I received recently. I own a printing company here that you would not know of. The message is so very accurate and profound for me, to prepare for the next step in my success. It is also amazing how the name given by my Angels is a very big part of my life. Thank you for this wonderful work you do.
Roberto – Puerto Rico.

Child’s Testimonial (at 5-6 years young):
“to Angle Lady, grandma gave us Angle drawings from you. She is so happy we love them. My baby brother kisses his all the time. My sister dances and sings her made up song to hers. I love to watch the sparkles colours that move all around my Angles and me. Thank you and my best gramma ever.
Macy, Ontario, Canada.”

(I can say being ‘on an angle’ at times in my life, is familiar to me, so this sweet letter touched me deeply, even with the misspell of Angel.)

“Some people or businesses have mascots … I now prefer having Guardian Angels to guide my personal and business lives. When Gloria asked me if the name of my Angel meant anything to me, I answered YES without hesitation. ”Waylon” represented my early childhood … Often I would be ‘wailed on’ for “wailing on” about things that upset or hurt me and even times when I was too excited or enthusiastic ”for my own good”. There was no doubt that this new Angel was MY Angel and here to help me in any way it could. – Carolyn S. – Ontario, Canada.”

Book – A Mirroring Discovery … with Angel Visitations!

“FINALLY! Courageous, Insightful and thought provoking. Gloria your book has answers to the ever present question – WHY? Well done. Terri M – Ontario, Canada.”

“Reading this captivating book has tremendously heightened my spiritual awareness. I feel a releasing of old patterns while absorbing each chapter! The Angel messages within your personal story Gloria, have now started me on a deeper spiritual journey. I know that reading this book has changed my life forever! Sue L. – Ontario, Canada.”

Book – The Rhythm of Angel Wings!

“This is one of the most beautiful books in the world. To look at it; to hold onto it; to display it; and yes, just to feel it’s velvety cover. And that is just the outside of the book. Inside it is full of colourfully displayed original Angel drawings, photos, and Angel encounter stories collected from contributors, all intertwined with insights channeled by her Angels of The Light. - Carolyn S. – Ontario, Canada.”

Blog Talk Radio Interview:

“My meditation this morning brought in the sweet essence of my angels and the fragrance of roses. A couple weeks back when I had Gloria, The Angel Messenger, on my radio show (Heart Centered Living Blog Talk Radio from San Diego, CA. USA) she shared how to make a connection or set up a link to our Angels from her book and what came to me was ROSES. This morning my room was … filled with the divine smell of roses … for quite a long time. Love was coursing throughout my whole body … absolutely perfect this morning as I am reminded that I am always supported and divinely guided.
~ Jennifer B – San Diego, USA.”

Meditation – Healing Hands!

“My Angel meditation was such a wonderful experience that it leaves me wanting to share everything I felt, starting with the feeling of being massaged from my inside out, nurtured, soothed, cleansed, and relaxed. Then I felt colourful and vivid, light, lifted and rejuvenated, and most of all so very happy that I took the time for my mind, body, heart and soul to enjoy some healing love energy that has been very much needed. Thank you Gloria and thank you Angels of The Light.
~ Shelly M. – Ontario, Canada.”

Meditation – On Wings You Connect!

“Oh Gloria, the images you shared were so right on to describe my life and also give me hope for the future steps I want to take. The Riverside Vision was so very special to me, and I cherish it and have made it a meditation that I visit often. The other 4 guided meditations are on my rotation also and I want to say, you will never know how much comfort you have given me and to have it come directly from my Angels.
– Bonni, Ontario, Canada.”

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  • Gloria Messenger, The Angel Messenger

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