Fran Janes, My Friend Frans
Fran Janes, My Friend Frans
Fran Janes
Business Name
My Friend Frans
Where to find me
103 Montgomery Rd, Welland, Ontario L3C 2Y5
My calling
Energy Worker
Service City
Fonthill, Welland
How to reach me
What brought me to this work?
My mother laid the groundwork to my future calling when at 10 yrs of age, after a serious fall on the ice, she took me to a chiropractor in Toronto, who had lost his license, for using a radionics device in his practice. I can still picture him working on this device, adjusting all the knobs as he felt for frequencies on a dark inlaid glass panel. He helped me recover with this strange device and I have not forgotten.
Many years later I discovered the TimeWaver device out of Germany and have since learned that it is a more advanced form of radionics. I have now been a TimeWaver Practitioner for 10 years and regularly travel to Germany for training and upgrading.
The more I learn about frequencies and vibrations the more I want to learn and so in 2019 I became a certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner, utilizing tuning forks in the field.
I was a massage therapist for 23 years, and along my path have studied EFT, Accupressure, cranial sacral therapy and nutrition. My mother was a woman ahead of her time and I am lucky to have some of her Edgar Cayce,
Louise Hay, and Paul Bragg books in my bookcase. I guess I am following in her footsteps.
What services do I offer?

I have come to believe that Dis Ease in the body is a result of incoherence of the frequencies in the body or the electromagnetic field surrounding the body.

TimeWaver is a scientific device that uses the theories of quantum physics applied via hardware and software to analyze (or read) the body's field and then write new information into the field to attempt to bring about more balance and coherence. Clients are amazed at the accuracy of the information that TimeWaver finds in their field and often their physical issues are cleared up quickly. Long standing issues can take more time to clear and the clients focused attention plays an important role.

With Biofield Tuning I utilize tuning forks to find incoherent knots of energy in the client’s field and then use the forks to bring about coherence and increase the energy flow through the body. Clients often report feeling lighter and more open after a treatment. Again, clients are amazed at some of the issues that come up during a Tuning.

With my TimeWaver device I have created a very useful tool called Activated Power Word Labels. These are a self help tool to keep you on the path to your greater self. The labels are clients on the TimeWaver device and when you purchase one and bring it into your life you are reinforcing the frequencies of the word/concept on the label in your life. For more information check out the website

I work with a company that provides top quality test based nutriceuticals. They are so sure of their products that they provide a blood test to take before starting on their product and then another after completing 120 days on the product .
Their number one product in Canada is an omega 3 Balance Oil. It is all about getting your omega 6:3 ratio into balance and promoting healthy cardio vascular, eyes, skin, brain, immune system and all vitality.

I work directly with the client in person, or at a distance to assist the client to become more aware of their frequencies and vibrations and how THEY are creating the story of their life.

What philosophy do I live by?
I believe that we are all here on earth, to progress our soul or inner being forward towards a greater
purpose, and a happier state of being. As a person I move towards that which brings me happiness and contentment and as a practitioner I assist my clients to do the same.
Word on the Street
Biofield Tuning
I had my bio field cleared at MY FRIEND FRANS. This was my first clearing and I lay down, relaxed and let it happen. On the outer edges of my field Fran found two women, my mother and step-mother. Both women had hurt me emotionally and physically during my life and it felt like they haunted me with these memories. Fran cleared those two women from my field, and now they are but a distant memory, unable to torture me further. Other bridges that I crossed in my life were also cleared, which I was reminded of, as Fran found them , and cleared them out of my field. I was left in peace after being wrapped in a cocoon of protection from Fran. I highly recommend My Friend Fran and her tuning forks.

I have been a client of Fran’s for 5 years and continue to receive Timewaver Treatments for physical healing and psychological support. Treatments are given throughout the month with conversations about chakra balancing, meridian analysis and analysis of the electro- magnetic field. I have learned a lot through these conversations. And, I have found relief from pain in my neck and knees, and feel more in balance than I could have without the treatments. I would highly recommend Fran as a practitioner. She is calm., patient, and motivating. She has helped me move on through some pretty tough life situations and physical ailments.

Power Word Labels
Wow, I am blown away by how deeply I can sense the supportive energy connected to these labels. I am very grateful for all my activated labels, especially the Gratitude one. I started with this one on my laptop and every day I amaze myself by finding more to be thankful for. As my gratitude grows so does my dream life. I look forward to seeing what the other labels bring. Thank you

Zinzino Balance Oil
As a retired golf professional, at 71 years of age, I was suffering with pain from inflamed joints, depression and a deepening fear that I was going to have to give up golf, as my abilitie to golf continued to worsen. I started on the Balance Oil in November after a test showing my omega 6:3 ratio at 28:1. In the spring when the golf season started up my ratio was into a great healthy range at 2.8:1 and I was hopeful about my game as my muscle aches and pains were greatly diminished. The dark cloud I had been under has lifted and now I am happy to say I often shoot my age on the course. I am grateful every morning as I take my Oil. Thank you

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