Liz van Ophem, Crystal Creedence
Liz van Ophem, Crystal Creedence
Liz van Ophem
Business Name
Crystal Creedence
Where to find me
80 King St. Unit 15. St. Catharines, Ontario
My calling
Crystal healing/crystal shop
Service City
St. Catharines
How to reach me
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What brought me to this work?
My name is Liz van Ophem, and I created Crystal Creedence. I was always the girl who brought rocks home because I thought they were pretty. I used to keep crystals in my pockets and sleep with them even at a young age. I have always been drawn to their energy.

Jewelry with crystals has always been a big part of my life. I then started collecting mineral specimens for my home. Once when I unwrapped a specimen I just purchased I felt an electrical current go straight up my arm. My hand was vibrating I was in shock and thought what just happened? I picked it up again and still felt the energy from the crystal. My body was vibrating. I looked up what just happened to me and found out it is called “a crystal awakening.” The crystal was an Azurite. I then started feeling the energy from other crystals as well. After that experience I wanted to learn everything I could about crystals. When I read about crystal healing, it resonated so strongly with me. It just felt right. I then studied and became a certified crystal healer in 2019. I received my certification from the Centre of Excellence, I have also studied under Ashley Leavey and Hibiscus Moon. I am also a member of the Niagara Geological Society. I love learning more everyday, and am in the process of becoming a Gemologist. I have a degree in psychology and worked in the field of sleep for over 25 years. The workplace environment changed and I realized I needed to leave and find my own path. So I took a leap of faith and started my own business.
What services do I offer?

I sell raw and polished crystals and crystal shapes through my website as well as a store front. I love explaining the metaphysical and mineral properties for each crystal.

Crystal Healing Sessions
My healing sessions involve removing energy blocks in order to help people feel aligned and balanced.
My specialty is working with the psychology side, such as helping when you feel anxious or under stress.
The most popular layout is a chakra balancing layout.

Treatment Room Rental
I have a room in my store front that I rent to healers and card readers. This will give my contemporaries a safe neutral place to work.

What philosophy do I live by?
My motto is learn to believe in yourself through the power of crystals. We are all unique and one of a kind just like crystals and that should be celebrated.
Word on the Street
The most knowledgeable and kind woman runs this shop!
Where you can find everything you ever wanted to know about crystal healing.
Chelsea Macdonald

Liz is great. She made me feel comfortable and explained everything. I felt so relaxed getting a crystal healing
done. I also love all her crystals.
Ashley Hazley

My friend talked me into getting a crystal healing session. I didn't know what to expect, but kept an open mind.
I am glad I did it, and would do it again. I felt relaxed and tingling at the same time. I really enjoyed the experience.
Kim MacFarlane

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