Tracey Ogilvie-McDonald, Living Full Circle
Tracey Ogilvie-McDonald, Living Full Circle
Tracey Ogilvie-McDonald
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Living Full Circle
My calling
Thanadoula, Life Celebrant, Wholistic Herbalist
Service City
Crystal Beach, Beamsville, Dunnville, Grimsby, Fenwick, Fonthill, Fort Erie, Lincoln, Lowbanks, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Port Colborne, Port Robinson, Ridgeway, St. Anns, St. Catharines, Stevensville, Thorold, Vineland, Wainfleet, Welland, Wellandport
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What brought me to this work?
Throughout my life, I have been involved in the support and aid of people in times of need, whether that was through volunteer work or through intentional work. Much of that came from the work I did in early years through energy modalities and shamanic practice. No matter how our time together is created, I hold space for people to be who they are.

I have always been a walker-between-the-worlds, a shamanic practitioner that seeks knowledge beyond our human world. Many of those beings are our Ancestors, our Guides, and Spirits. Therefore, it felt like a natural progression to me when I was called to do the work of a death doula, an amicus mortis or friend in death. In this role I hold mindful space for those who are dying, supporting them and their families through honest and open conversations about death, allowing its questions, engaging in its conversations, and sitting in its presence. I provide a safe space for grief and loss.

Herbalism came to me in the early 2000’s and has become a part of who I am. Through the natural world, we are helped and comforted by our green allies. Allies that have evolved and changed in concert with humans. I do not believe that everything can be found there, just as I believe that not everything has to be medicalized. Balance is key. In finding that balance, I start with the supportive friends we have in the herbal world.

As a metaphysical minister and Life Celebrant I serve everyone, not just those belief systems or traditions for which there is infrastructure. My life as a Druid has shown me how ceremonies and rituals honour and celebrate our life. From joining two people in marriage to holding a Croning ritual, creating and holding ceremony in our lives lets us be present and grounded in our physical world, in our time place. Our presence is marked by these occasions, as they should be. We are here. Let us witness our lives.

I have never liked saying “I am this” or “I am that” – phrases like that limit people. I am a coming together of years, of experience, of exploration and a desire to serve using whichever of my skills are best suited. I have been fortunate to be mentored and taught by people whom I respect to this day. Their wisdom continues to inspire me. Through relationships, the connections that are formed when people come together with purpose, regardless for how long, our goals are achieved. I offer my presence, my skills, and my desire to work with you.

What services do I offer?

I assist people who are dying and their families by providing psycho-spiritual, and emotional support. Together we work to relieve the heaviness associated with death, and bring quality of life into each moment.

Life Celebrant
As a Life Celebrant I craft unique and special ceremonies that honour and celebrate life. I am an ordained Metaphysical Minister.

Wholistic Herbalist
We are individuals made up of various bodies. As a wholistic herbalist, I work with a client’s whole body, their life and style. We explore the areas of dis-ease and what comfort might look like, and then we look to the whole herbs available that could give ease.

What philosophy do I live by?
Honesty and respect are important philosophies to me and run through everything I do. Honesty with and respect for myself, the people, beings and spirits that I interact with, and in my connection to the world I live in. These are words that are often misunderstood. These philosophies don’t mean that we are free of responsibility from our words or our actions. They don’t mean that the self is the most important. Rather they mean acknowledging and respecting self while respecting and honoring others and the world we live in. All of the work I do requires honesty and respect from me.
Word on the Street
“My son has extremely sensitive skin, and his diaper rashes were relentless, causing him pain and discomfort. After trying everything on the market with no success, I decided to turn to Tracey as I was familiar with her work in herbalism. She provided me with her Heal it Salve. It almost immediately cleared up his rash. I continued to use this at the early on-site of every rash, stopping them dead in their tracks. I can not say enough positive things about this product, it is practically odorless, spreads smoothly and covers with using very little. Two kids later and we now use this on almost everything, from rashes, cuts and scrapes to cracked lips. The Heal it Salve is truly incredible and the best part is knowing it's all natural and safe for my babies. Thank you Tracey for all your love and knowledge that went into creating this fabulous herbal product.” – Casey B, Orangeville, ON

“It takes a special kind of professional to make someone feel comfortable enough to work through the grieving process and actually come out the other side with a deeper understanding of it all and a sense of closure. Tracey’s professionalism and generous, compassionate spirit gave me the confidence and sense of total trust that was absolutely necessary to help me work my way through this important life enhancing journey. I couldn’t have arrived at this place of peace and acceptance without her patience and guidance. I’m forever grateful and would encourage anyone who is struggling with a loss to reach out to Tracey and trust her to help you through the journey that will bring you understanding, acceptance and ultimately a sense of peace.” – Ellen, Hamilton, ON

“Tracey was so kind, compassionate, grounded, and organized. It was so wonderful to have her walk through each step with us from beginning to end. The day couldn’t have gone any better. It’s not easy to find someone that is able to conduct a pagan handfasting. It was with absolute divine timing that Tracey was able to minister our handfasting. Each moment was full of love, joy and laughter. Everyone was so relaxed and each second was magical and meaningful. We could never have thought of anyone better to conduct such a monumental occasion in our lives. We would highly recommend Tracey!” – Sarah and Dylan, Hamilton, ON

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