Cherie Cox, Where You Rise
Cherie Cox, Where You Rise
Cherie Cox
Business Name
Where You Rise
My calling
Life & Soul Coaching, Lightworker, Spiritual Guidance, Energy Healing, Soul Activation
How to reach me
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What brought me to this work?
I have always been deeply connected to an energy beyond what I can see with my eyes. But it wasn't until my mom was diagnosed with cancer and passed away a year later that I fully understood it. It is through the loss of my mom that I started to dive into mindfulness, meditation and spirituality. This is when healing myself began. Healing past pain and healing the false beliefs I had placed upon myself for many years. As I did the inner work, the more wisdom and truth I found. The more I realized how truly magical we all are. And the more I felt at home inside myself. As I became the light I had always wished for; I saw my world change in the most loving way. Realizing there are many women who are dimming their light. Women who know they are made for more but are not sure how to activate this energy inside of them. This is when my business was born. I became Reiki Certified, received my Life Coaching Certification and put my complete trust in the inner knowing I felt and divine guidance I received. It has been a wild ride and one that I wouldn't change. A divine journey of connecting, learning and awakening.
What services do I offer?

Life & Soul Coaching
Learn the exact steps to take to become the woman you are meant to be. As your Guiding Light I will help you shed what no longer serves you and strip away what is keeping you stuck. The mentoring I share will allow you to open the gateway to a joyful, heart led, abundant life. Where you will shift into effortless flow, raise your vibration and become the creator of your reality.

Energy Healing
Every thought you think and action you take radiates energy. And your energy is constantly vibrating and manifesting life. Any negative energy that is not serving you is important to clear away so you can reach a more positive vibrational level and become aligned with your desires. In this session you will release energetic blocks and connect with your highest and truest potential. Get ready to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and unstoppable.

Inner Child Healing
Take a journey within to connect with the parts of you that need to be healed and awaken the loving parts of you that you have forgotten about. Through guided meditation, sound vibration and energy healing you will return to your natural state of pure light and love. This session will reignite the joyful, playful energy that lives inside of you. Helping you become magnetic for your wishes and dreams.

All sessions are done on Zoom.

What philosophy do I live by?
The answers are within! You just have to choose to find them.
Word on the Street
Working with Cherie was an amazing experience full of love, support, vulnerability and joy. This will always remain in my heart. You have touched me so deeply. Thank you Cherie for being the best leader and guiding my soul on this incredible journey. ~ Marie L.

Cherie is a natural-born healer! She is warm, friendly and empathic, and has an innate way of making you feel comfortable and at ease. Working with Cherie gave me both clarity and confidence, and helped me learn lasting habits to cope with stress and uncertainty. I genuinely enjoyed spending time with her each session - she is an absolute delight. ~ Stephanie F.

These past 12 weeks have been magical and I know it is just the beginning of an incredible journey for me. You lead with such a bright light and you are forever part of my soul! I feel truly blessed and grateful that you came into my life! THANK YOU with all my heart! ~ Eve B.

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