Andrew Mabon

Andrew Mabon
Andrew Mabon
Business Name:
Finance Czar for SN
My calling:
Service City:
St. Catharines
What brought me to this work?:
My childhood was spent looking inwards to distance myself from the problems at home. I would create characters that I could bounce ideas off of who’d give me the advice and direction I was looking for that I wasn’t able to find elsewhere. I always thought nothing of it, they were just imaginary friends and my thoughts, until a couple of years ago when I started watching reality shows about mediums. Early on I’d felt as if I could feel the emotions of the person they were reading, it was a really strange sensation that felt oddly tied to my own experiences growing up.

I decided to explore my intuitive feelings, maybe they were more than just in my head. I read a book written by one of my favorite mediums and realized I had a lot of the same issues she dealt with. It became clear to me that this was something I needed to consider further.

I wanted to develop this “gift” but had no idea where to start. I thought of an old friend of mine that started doing tarot readings; and a really good job with them too. I decided that a great first step for me would be finding a tarot deck of my own. It was a starting point I could understand.

A few weeks passed and I was still without tarot cards, but of course I had a pile of excuses why I hadn’t got them yet. One week I found myself with a free Saturday; and I was trying to figure out what to do when I heard a loud chant of “disseminate information now!” alongside a powerful hand chopping motion, both repeating over and over. It was startling, but necessary; no more procrastinating, no more excuses, it was time to find my cards.

The first time in the store, I got the cards based on intuition – glad I did because I now love them. Without looking I was guided to grab a pamphlet from their shelves, a voice called to me, “this is what you need right now.” It offered a soul genesis class – or as I call it “soul maintenance”, and I knew what I was meant to do next. At first, the class sounded pretty silly to me, but it’s power quickly became clear. I needed it to determine what was around me and what I needed to be detached from to continue on this journey. Ever since, I’ve been able to communicate with my guides clearly and they’ve put me on a much more positive path. I had to shed a lot of the bad connections I had made in order to move forward.
I never realized until that point how profound of an effect negative people can have on our lives. I was guided for a time to do things that would break ties that I didn’t even know were affecting me negatively, but now that it’s been done, I’ve found a peace I never had before.

I then took a course on intuitive development and finally realized what I was blessed with. I emailed my instructor the details of experiences I’d had in the past, and she was able to confirm that my abilities were real and that I was indeed hearing people that had passed on. It wasn’t all just my imagination.

With what I learned in the course I became more comfortable and conscious of my abilities, and with this newfound knowledge in hand, I’m excited to embrace my destiny.

I should also note that I operate my own business in bookkeeping services and I am happy to state that I am a member of the Spiritual Niagara team as their official Finance Czar.
What services do I offer?:

Spiritual Niagara’s Finance Czar
I assist the founder in making sure that the overall financial health of the organization is kept in check through organization of bookkeeping documents, providing financial reports, and answering queries.

Mediumship Readings
I am working on developing my mediumship skills. I am currently reading for family and friends to further develop my skills. I am hoping to offer readings to the public soon.

I have found that I have a special ability to connect to your loved ones, guides, and angels that are assisting you daily. They tell me what you need to know at the time I’m giving you the reading. I’ll help you receive the information that you need to help you move forward. They do the same for me in my daily life and it has helped me greatly.

I’ve been specifically cursed to connect with children; I say cursed because if children have moved on the circumstances are usually gut wrenching. Being a strong empath myself, I will probably be crying right along with you, so don’t be too surprised.

What philosophy do I live by?:
That kindness is key, and change starts with me. I make sure that whatever I do, kindness is front and center.
There’s a lot of vitriol going around these days from all the confusion and misconceptions in our day-to-day lives, combined with a lack of more meaningful personal interactions. Everyone is going through something, so to live and act in kindness is more important than ever before.

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