Stacey Hancharyk, Indra’s Soul

Stacey Hancharyk, Indra’s Soul
Stacey Hancharyk
Business Name:
Indra’s Soul
My calling:
Sound Healing and Energy worker
Service City:
St. Catharines
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What brought me to this work?:
As a registered nurse, I found that there is more to people than our bodies and our thoughts, that we are energetic beings that are capable of incredible things. After a journey of self discovery, I fell in love and ignited a passion for working with sacred instruments, intention and energy to facilitate deep and profound transformation in people.
What services do I offer?:

Tuning Fork Biofield Treatment
Assess and treat the energy field using a combination of Eileen McKusick’s biofield tuning and Dr. John Beaulieu human tuning techniques. Assessing the energy field, using therapeutic sound protocols to treat dissonance in our energy field.

Sound Energy Treatment
After an energy assessment, a treatment plan is created and instruments such as crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, drums etc are selected to meet the individual’s needs, with a goal of energetic homeostasis. This treatment uses Reiki and sound therapy tools for treatment.

Sound Meditations/Baths
Enjoy coming to a group sound bath event, where Stacey guides you through a meditation. You will lay comfortably on your mat, blanket and pillow and allow the sounds of the sacred instruments wash over you, as though in a cleansing and sacred bath, a deep meditative state can occur with these events. Research demonstrates that most people are in a constant state of fight or flight response, and the goal is to tip the balance to be in rest and relaxation response more often, in order for healing to occur. Sound baths are an excellent way of propagating the parasympathetic response and foster healing within ourselves.

What is sound healing?
Although sound healing has been around for millennia stemming from nearly every ancient culture around the globe, such as digeridoo, shamanic drumming, Tibetan singing bowls and Chinese gongs – Sound Baths are a rising wellness trend currently washing over the west. A sound bath must be experienced to truly understand the visceral affects. Stacey uses multiple sound instruments to facilitate a deep meditative experience while fostering healing. “if you want to understand the answers to the universe, understand that everything is energy, vibration and frequency” – Nikola Tesla Sound healing therapies use sympathetic resonance, entrainment and frequency follow response (FFR) methods to re-harmonize our own energy patterns Stacey is a registered nurse with a deep passion for holistic stress reduction modalities, having seen many people suffer the consequences of chronic stress and blocked energy. Stacey is a Reiki l2 practitioner and holds a certification for crystal singing bowls (SHA), she is also working towards her diploma in Integral Sound Healing (Sound Healing Academy) – that uses gongs, crystal singing bowls, frame drums, healing voice, Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks.

What philosophy do I live by?:
I use a philosophy which integrates quantum physics, science, sacred geometry, the Heart math research institute, ancient healing practices – such as Ayurveda, Shamanic ancestry beliefs and Buddhism – to create harmony and balance in our lives. We affect our environment and are affected by our environment.
Word on the Street:
A welcoming peaceful space to help center your thoughts and intentions to yourselves. Realistic grounding techniques. A beautiful atmosphere of self healing. -Tara

After having experienced first hand a remarkable improvement in my mental and physical health, I now take part regularly in reiki and sound healing sessions. I highly recommend Indra’s soul for treatment and maintenance of sound body mind and spirit health – Steffannie

Very relaxing – Lucas
  • Stacey Hancharyk, Indra’s Soul
  • Stacey Hancharyk, Indra’s Soul

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