Christopher Cole, Balanced Way

Christopher Cole, Balanced Way
Name: Christopher Cole
Business Name: Balanced way
Where to find me: 44 palmer road, grimsby, ON, L3m5l5
My calling: Master of medical qigong, Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, herbalist, Provincially licensed acupuncturist, feng shui consultant, qigong instructor
Service City: Grimsby
Call/Text: 905-317-8899
Connect with me on Facebook: Balanced Way
What brought me to this work?: In 2000 I had an MVA (motor vehicle accident) and I randomly picked the closest massage therapist from the yellow pages. Well he turned out to be a taoist practitioner, acupuncturist, and his wife was a psychic and feng shui consultant. I experienced just how well the medicine worked and I was hooked! First I began with feng shui and sensitivity training, as well as tai chi, meditation, and qigong from my massage therapist. Eventually I was told I’ve progressed enough with my energy sensitivity and qigong skills, that it was time to take on medicine. I am now waiting for my college to be granted the power to review my training and give me the title of Doctor of Eastern Medicine. I recently completed my last certification in medical qigong and have the title of qigong master. I perform qigong with every patient and it pervades my whole life.

I do this work because I enjoy serving others, watching them change, and helping them do so.
What services do I offer?:

Full Traditional Chinese Medicine services:
Very fine needles inserted into the body to influence energy movement for health
Ancient alternative to drugs. Herbs prescribed for medical reasons
Vaccum cups applied to the skin to heal injuries
Drawing a soft edge over the skin to increase circulation
Blood letting
Applying cups to draw tiny amounts of blood for healing purposes
Burning mugwort close to the body for medical purposes
Medical qigong
Hands off energy work for therapeutic purposes with self directed homework involving visualizations when needed
Topical herbal treatments
Medicines applied to the skin
Sound therapy
Singing bowls and gongs in clinic and public settings
Anther option to sound therapy is making tones for the purpose of healing individually and in groups
Traditional Chinese medicine massage, otherwise known as Tui Na

What philosophy do I live by?: I have 2 1/2 degrees in philosophy. For me this isn’t an easy question. I am closest in my daily philosophy to Taoism. I’m good at what I do. I know virtually nothing. The mystery of life is intoxicating.
Word on the Street: I wish I could but my college forbids us from using any testimonials.
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