Cat Thagard, Cat & Monkey Events

Cat Thagard, Cat & Monkey Events
Cat Thagard
Business Name:
Cat & Monkey Events
Where to find me:
4548 Queen Street, Niagara Falls
My calling:
Withcraft teacher, reiki master, workshop facilitator
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What brought me to this work?:
I am the founder and CEO of Cat and Monkey Events together with Kristina Facchin (Monkey) the CFO. I am also the founder and resident Witch of Niagara Witches and Pagans and Head master and teacher at Black Cat Witchcraft. A lover of People, nature, spirit and a  patron of the Arts I am also a Reiki Master, dancer, Drummer, artist and self esteem and positivity coach. I encourage everyone to be free and creative in everything they do and to be true to the real YOU!
What services do I offer?:

Event venue and space rental
We hold a number of different events at our venue and time permitting, we have up to 1,600 ft space available for rent.

Pagan and Witchcraft classes/workshops
We hold a variety of different pagan and witchcraft classes and events along with spiritual counselling ie quarterly witches mass and sabbat celebrations

Paint nights
Once or twice a month we will hold a paint night.

We have a masseuse on staff who provides traditional Swedish massage and deep tissue massage.

We also have a Reiki Practitioner on staff who provides reiki to anyone looking for healing.

Adult and Kids Dance classes
Monday through Thursday we hold adult and kids dance classes including burlesque, ballet, hip hop, junior jazz

Martial Arts
Monkey of the Cat & Monkey duo, teaches Wado kai on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Platform Mediumship
We offer evenings of messages from spirit through mediums.

Tarot Card Readings
We have a psychic mediums on staff who offers tarot card readings

Hoodoo and Conjure workshop
We host and teach Hoodoo and Conjure workshops and events.

What philosophy do I live by?:
The universe is about balance, balance in all things, love light and Dark. Maintain the balance and the wonders of the universe are yours.
Word on the Street:
Absolutely AH-MAZING environment and you will never find a better group of people anywhere else!!
-Amber Thompson

A beautiful venue with a beautiful, accommodating host! I look forward to spending more time at Cat and Monkey in the future!
-Amy Lou Taylor

Beautiful and Talented! The whole package!
-Sue kelley
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  • Cat Thagard, Cat & Monkey Events

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