Linda Morinello, good4me

Linda Morinello, good4me
Linda Morinello
Business Name:
My calling:
Reconnective Healer, Yoga Instructor, EFT Practitioner, Personal Coach, Facilitator, Author
Service City:
Beamsville, Grimsby, Fenwick, Fonthill, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, St. Catharines, Thorold, Welland
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What brought me to this work?:
I began this work in 2010 after going through a life changing illness. I felt it was a calling that I was meant to help others live in good health – at all levels, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

I became certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and a Reconnective Healing practitioner. All modalities help people heal on all levels. I became a certified yoga instructor to add to the complement of my services.

In addition to my practice, I am a Program Leader at Wellspring Niagara and facilitate programs for cancer patients and their caregivers. A few yeas ago I published my first book, Conscious Living Through Cancer.
What services do I offer?:

Personal/Wellness Coach

Coaching is about the What and the How. We will look at what you want, what is in the way, and how to get out of your way so that you can realize all of your dreams.

I will help you make changes with habits and mindset so that you can achieve your goals. With coaching, the power is with every individual. I mentor, educate and make recommendations, helping them discover what approaches works best. We will implement various tools to help you uncover any challenges and overcome obstacles.

Cancer Coaching

I have worked with cancer patients for over 8 years, helping them through some of their most challenging emotional places. As a former cancer patient I understand the toll it can take on both patients and caregivers and on every level of our experience – emotionally, physically and spritually. In this process I help people navigate their new ‘normal’, work with them to discover their most authentic selves and then help them incorporate changes that allow them to move toward a lifetime of wellness.

Yoga Teacher

I came to yoga after an illness as a way to find my inner strength. I became certified as a teacher after experiencing the power of transformation that comes from a yoga practice. I teach yoga classes as well as private yoga sessions. In each class, we incorporate yoga from the mind and extend it to our poses. We incorporate our mind-body connection in every class.

Reconnective Healing

This is more than energy healing. It is a practice that includes healing at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of our experience. You will receive what you need at each session. I trained with Dr. Eric Pearl who discovered these frequencies. Reconnective Healing accesses the various energy frequencies around the individual to promote a continuum of energy, light and information.

The Reconnection is completed over 2 sessions and needs only be completed once in your lifetime. It connects specific meridian lines in our bodies to the lay lines in the earth and accesses new axiatonal lines in the universe to bring about a powerful experience. You will be reconnected to these lines, our connection to the universe and to your purpose.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Do you feel “stuck” sometimes and have difficulty moving through a situation? Feel emotionally blocked but don’t know where it’s coming from? Do you feel anxiety when thinking about a person or situation that has triggered you in the past? EFT is a simple and harmless technique used to reduce or eliminate fears and phobias, trauma symptoms, grief, anger, addictive cravings and guilt. In the same way that acupuncture is used with the meridian points in your body; EFT has the same effect by tapping these meridian points, rather than using needles, to assist in disrupting the negative energy flow. The technique helps you breakthrough blockages that usually prevent us from moving forward. You can break free of those negative cycles which create stress, anxiety and pain.


I published a book called Conscious Living Through Cancer which offers stories and shares ideas on how to help both cancer patients and their caregivers. After having experienced the illness and made my way on to wellness, I began to understand how cancer affects people in many ways. This book offers hope to those with cancer and help to their caregivers.


I facilitate programs, both at Wellspring Niagara and at retreats on a number of topics, some of which include: emotional wellness, cancer care, stress management, meditation, writing and journaling and others. As a speaker, I’ve been invited to speak at various health events, specifically cancer events, on wellness and stress management.

What philosophy do I live by?:
We are here to be in service to humanity, to live with compassion and caring for all beings on the planet.
Word on the Street:
Before my Reconnection I was feeling lost…I felt like I was failing in my career, motherhood, and as a wife. After the completion of the Reconnection, I have a renewed passion for my career. I am having fun with my children and recognizing what a good marriage I have. As a result of my Reconnection, I have gained clarity and confidence in all areas of my life. I am forever indebted to Linda for sharing her talent and wisdom with me. Meeting Linda has been an inspiration and a blessing. During our health coaching sessions, I have developed a wealth of knowledge that has led to my self-empowerment. It is an amazing feeling to have control but more amazing, is the understanding and growth that I feel and others have noticed in me. Flax, oats, brown rice are my new mantra and my favourite recipe is Sugarless Banana Oatmeal Cookies. Delicious and tasty treat that makes breakfast on the go more satisfying.
– Jean Michele

Thank you Linda for helping me to dissolve several major issues thru EFT. I feel so much lighter, emotionally, and my overall health has improved without the stress of these issues. You are a gifted and intuitive healer.
– G.M.

When I reflect back on my life 10 or so months ago, I feel astounded by the magnitude of the transformation I have made. I was a typical, lost 22 year old college drop out with low self-confidence and nothing to show for my 2 decades of life. I was ashamed of this, and felt hopeless and unsure of where to turn. As an introvert, when I registered at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and learned that part of the curriculum was monthly phone sessions with a stranger, I found myself feeling anxious. But, when Linda greeted me on our first session, my anxiety was immediately dissolved. Her wonderful healing and caring energy emanated across the airwaves and I knew I had found a true friend and guru. I went from anxiety to excited anticipation for our sessions. Through working with Linda, I was able to identify my lifelong sugar addiction and bring it to an end, realized how much my lack of exercise and water was affecting other aspects of my life and corrected it, improved formerly-dysfunctional relationships with my family members, gained clarity around my life’s purpose and am now truly proud of the person I am. The lessons I have learned through Linda’s guidance are invaluable. I am so grateful that Linda was my assigned Health Coach, and I can only hope that I have such a profound impact on the people that I touch as Linda has had on my life. Thank you with my whole heart, Linda.
– Addison H.
  • Linda Morinello, good4me
  • Linda Morinello, good4me

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