Become a Partner

What is a Spiritual Niagara Partner?

Partners are businesses that offer discounts or support to Spiritual Niagara (SN) members;
encouraging cooperation and togetherness, and fostering a sense of community.


SN members are local business owners, and in this unstable economy small businesses need to cooperate to stay afloat.
By offering discounts Partners aren’t just helping members; they’re accessing a whole new customer base and some great marketing opportunities. Partners also become a part of our network and referral system expanding their reach and energetic connections.

Why Become a Partner?

Direct Advertising

The pay-off for partners comes through advertising. On top of being advertised on this page, partners are also advertised directly to our over 50 plus business members. Offering you more connections to the Spiritual/Holistic Niagara business community

Monthly Feature

Partners are advertised  to the public through our monthly e-magazine, which currently sits at over 950 active subscribers. Our e-magazines also remain on the website for future readers to view.

Free for Members

Spiritual Niagara Members can be a partner for no cost, but any business can become one of our partners with an annual fee of only $100 a year. Where can you get advertising for a whole year at that cost?

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