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Horseshoe Falls at Dawn, Niagara Falls, ON
Photograph taken by Kathy Upper

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Speakers Series 2017

Our Speaker Series is done for the summer. We are so grateful to all that joined us and we look forward to offering it again starting September. We do have some ideas brewing for the summer. We will let you know more as it develops. Remember that all the members events are listed on the website calendar.

Membership Pricing Change - June 1st

We want to let everyone know that the cost of a full Spiritual Niagara Membership will be increasing as of June 1st, 2017. If you are interested in the full membership at the cost of $100 you must submit your application and pay before June 1st. The application link can be found here. Payment can be made by etransfer to kathy@spiritualniagara.ca or by cheque payable to Spiritual Niagara. Contact Kathy@spiritualniagara.ca to get your application started.

We also have new membership options for those that would just like their card located on the Spiritual Niagara site. Here is an explanation of those options which start at only $25 per year.

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Our event calendar provides you with ample opportunities to make positive changes to your life by getting involved with others of like mind, by learning and improving on your own skills and by giving back to the Niagara community. Follow the calendar link above to view the events.

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View the profile pages of our members to gain a better understanding of those that offer services in our community. Sorted by category, you can choose a provider that you connect with. You will see this on our Members link above.
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Speaker Series Video with Spiritual Niagara Members

Charlene Glaw discusses the Mind and Spirituality


It is not the role of Spiritual Niagara to judge the services provided. It is the role of the user to identify the best connection according to their personal beliefs and ideals.

Each profile contains customer testimonials that offer insight into the experiences that others have had with the business in question.