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Christine Whelan,
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What has brought you to this work?

Ironically the counselling side of my work, when I started to view human behaviour, thinking and feeling from a broader, universal perspective, started to develop while I was working with Kathy Upper for Niagara College as an Employment Consultant, facilitating life skills workshops for the program Futures in 1996.

When the non-profit sector took a wicked hit in funding, consequently taking the valuable teachings of life skills workshops away from our struggling youth, I felt the draw to start creating an alternative route to meeting community needs. I went back to school for small business and Mindz 'n Transit was born in 1999.

During those three years, I experienced an emotionally challenging period of time that sent me seeking answers. I asked a friend of mine to read my cards one evening. After feeling the incredible sense of peace and calm from the reading, I began to do the research, starting with Greek Mythology, and trained in tarot consultation under my friend, practicing every day for a year.

The writing has always been there in my life, becoming a published freelancer for 3 years while my children were young. Once I went to college, the writing halted for years, with my left brain taking over to learn, counsel, teach then build a business.

In July of 2010, I began to feel the urge to write again, actually feeling guided with a sense of urgency. It wasn't until I was told by more than one medium that I had come to a place on my path that it was very crucial I follow the compulsion to write.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?