Introducing... Lady Violet
Intuitive Medium, Intuitive Energy Worker,
Spiritual Mentor and Compassion Coach

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Lady Violet

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What has brought you to this work?

Welcome to my world and my life experience as an Intuitive Medium, Spiritual Mentor and Compassion Coach. As a child I had always felt different from my peers. I felt more comfortable surrounded by my elders than my own age group. I seemed to be able to interact better with an adult than I could with someone my own age. I knew and talked about things that my peers didn't understand or thought I was weird from wanting to talk about, however, my elders appreciated my broad range of conversation. Due to already being a target of bullying, I decided the best thing to do was to try to fit in, and not share the things I felt, or just knew were going to happen.

Then in February 2008, I went through a devastating marriage breakup and was ready to give up on myself, when I sought the consult of a friend of mine, who was a deep trance channel. Through consultation with his spirit guide, I actually felt something shift within my body. In the centre of my chest, I had felt as though I had a chunk of ice stuck as my chest always felt cold. During the reading, I literally felt that something cracked and immense heat wash over the area. I was also overcome with emotions, knowing that I was among the people who would truly accept and love me for who I was and that would assist me in my journey as I truly felt as though I had come home!

Through mentoring from the spiritual community that opened up to me, upon my personal awakening, I also discovered that I was a "Lightworker", which put as simply as possible is a BEing who knows they are here to fulfill a life purpose of assisting others upon their personal journeys, in whatever way we are needed. We know in our hearts that we are all connected and born into existence to find others and form a collection of one community.

That being said, I feel that it is my life purpose to offer my Intuitive Gifts along with unconditional love, light and compassion to anyone who asks me to assist them upon their journey. As well, I was "gifted" the role of bearing one of the "special children" who has opened my heart to feel the different higher vibrations that children with special needs are born with. They are here to teach or remind us, how to revert back to what we were originally brought here to do, to coexist and to learn from each others experiences. They are the ones who even though they are facing their own personal challenges be it, an intellectual, physical or developmental disability still hold the true values that the majority of society has forgotten. The special ones come with messages to accept and love EVERYONE unconditionally, to honour one another, to feel compassion and empathy for any situation someone may be facing and to offer whatever comfort they are able to in that time. They understand the power of a simple smile and know that when words fail, a gentle touch or an embrace is reassuring.

Should you feel that I could be of assistance to you now or in the future, please feel free to contact me.
With much love, light & compassion today and always, I remain,
Authentically yours,
Lady Violet

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Life Purpose Discovery Guide
I received my certification as a Life Purpose Discovery Guide from Al Diaz, Creator of My Life Purpose Discovery and Gift Program. I work with you one on one to assist you in realizing your dream life come true. We all possess potential that may be hidden from us allow me to assist you in unlocking your's.
Intuitive Medium
As am Intuitive Medium, I work along with my guides as well as those of the clients and discuss specific questions that the client has in regards to their personal life journey. It may be related to a new direction in life, a career change, an existing relationship, whatever that person is seeking assistance with. My guides assist me in asking the necessary questions and helping to see all available options, so that the individual can choose the one that feels right to them.
Intuitive Energy Worker
During my personal development of my spiritual awakening and growth, I discovered that I was able to "intuitively channel" energy similar to that of Reiki energy through my hands into another person. I discovered this purely by accident, when I was attempting to nurture friends and acquaintances of mine simply through a calming touch or gentle caress of their shoulders, face, and arms.
Since then I have worked alongside several Reiki Masters and although I have never been trained, it has been validated that I am indeed channelling energy and have had many people state that the energy treatments have helped them. People who have reported having a hard time relaxing have been shocked to hear themselves snore during an energy session.
I have also done some work on my son who is developmentally delayed and suffers from hyperactivity. He finds great comfort when he's on the table and lies very still with his eyes closed during the treatment. He says that the energy feels really good and is quite reluctant to get off the table once I feel the session has ended. Afterwards I see and feel a great sense of calmness in his behaviour.
Spiritual Mentor
Since starting to share my intuitive and energetic gifts, with others, I have had several people I have done readings or energy work for, ask me if I would be willing in teaching them, how to access their own personal gifts. Of course I am always willing to assist others in empowering themselves as well as contribute to their own personal growth and development on a spiritual level.
Compassion Coach
As a compassion coach, I work with individuals who are seeking to learn how to feel more compassion and empathy for another individual. I also attempt at engaging the general public to try and see it from both sides and to have compassion for their fellow citizen. I truly feel that the majority of society has lost the ability or just become tired of feeling compassion or the lack of compassion from others.

What philosophy do you live by?

I believe that EVERYONE is entitled to feel UNCONDITIONAL Love, acceptance and shown compassion no matter what their circumstances are. We are all here as both teachers and learners, as our journeys are all about learning about ourselves, and how our actions affect not only ourselves, but others as well. Everyone should be able to discuss their feelings openly with people without fear of judgement and with the ultimate goal of learning from one another through vulnerability, open mindedness and like-mindedness. After all, we are all in this together. Walking along our own personal paths, alongside different individuals at different times, but always connected their our intuitive consciousness. I would like to be of service to my fellow citizens for the rest of my life, and to be there for them when they seek guidance and energy, but most of all unconditional love, light and compassion!


"ONE question she asked and it was this one question which triggered 15+ yrs of pent up energy - anger, fear, sorrow - everything. They needed to be dissolved and that was the night they decided to surface. The details of the question itself had nothing to do with the immense energy that released from me, it was really just a trigger to deeper issues. I have no doubt that, on an intuitive level, Lady Violet knew the question to ask. This was the time chosen for me to heal - and for her to aid in that healing.
Not only was I fortunate that I had a close friend with me, but also a powerful healer. Lady Violet turned what could have been a disastrous emotional energy release into a positive healing experience. So many memories bombarded me and so fast. I was already tired from lack of sleep the previous days but after almost 3 hours, the exhaustion that came with this was something I had never experienced and I was shutting down half way through. Still, her words nurturing, her touch comforting and her energy warming - a healer, in the truest sense - she helped build my positive energy back up while the negative energies were dissolved. An interesting note, this began around 9:30pm the day before my birthday. By the time the energy had released it was slightly past midnight - my birthday - significant of new beginnings perhaps?
I do have this to say to you Lady Violet: Not only have you helped make my healing process easier, but you've made this birthday mean much more symbolically. You have helped me move forward with an open heart and clear head. Thank you! I will always love you my friend!"
- Randy

"Lady Violet has The Ancient Ones seal of approval. She's a true Being of Light."

"While being "treated" by the warmth and magic of Lady Violet's energy I felt renewed as though I was morphing back into myself. That night I had the best natural sleep I have had for weeks. If you need calming, balancing or grounding I highly recommend a session with Lady Violet."
- B.H., Niagara Region

"It was my good fortune to spend time this afternoon with Lady Violet. I found her energy clearing and channeling outstanding. If you get a chance to go and have a session with her do it! I will definitely be going to see her again. She delivers energy tangibly and wonderfully. I feel so much better after just one session."
- M.T.S., Niagara Region