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What has brought you to this work?

Spiritual Niagara was born based on a dream that I had. I was wondering about how I could find all the Spiritual Services in Niagara and I knew that I was not the only one looking for these services. My dream told me that I needed to let people know about these services. I began by teaching myself how to set up a website and took some classes in how to develop a site.

Spiritual Niagara was launched in June 2009. My own journey has included training as a Reiki practitioner, Level 2, with Susan Savannah, Meditation tele-classes with Kay Proudfoot and the 6 month Meditation course with the Willpower Institute in Niagara Falls. I am an Employment Consultant with Niagara College and have been for over 28 years. I have assisted many people to connect with their dreams.

In 2012 I had surgery on my spine to remove a cyst from my spinal cord. Since that time I have had a cerebrospinal fluid leak in my back which doctors are having a hard time locating. As a result of this csf leak I have to spend the majority of my time lying down. I have had to leave my position as an employment counsellor. However I am still hopeful that I will be able to heal this condition and return to normal activities. I do continue to operate the Spiritual Niagara website but I now have the help of a web developer and several others in the operation of the business.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Spiritual Niagara offers the opportunity for people to connect with the Spiritual Services in their community concentrating on the Niagara Region. It is the goal of Spiritual Niagara to help you make that connection that ultimately will result in your connecting to your true self thus making your life more joyful.

Spiritual Niagara is also a venue for business owners to identify themselves and to better help you choose the connection that feels right to you. It also offers the opportunity for businesses to connect with other businesses. I see Spiritual Niagara as a connector which I believe will continue to evolve. I remain open to ideas to determine how it can best serve the Spiritual community.

In January 2016 I took over the operation of the Niagara Healers website. This website also offers a directory of Holistic Health Professionals located in the Niagara Region. I am excited to take on this new project and continue to see the growth of holistic services in Niagara

What philosophy do you live by?

It is my belief that we chose the life we live with the thoughts that we think. I believe that we are capable of having the life we wish by controlling what we focus on and by learning to listen to our own intuition. We have all been given the gift of intuition and we are all capable of hearing and feeling what is right for us in the moment. If we choose to do what feels right we can never go wrong. We do however need to step outside of our comfort zone and many times that is the greatest struggle because we fear what we do not know. We need to change to grow and we need to trust that the Universe will support us in that change. To sum it up if it feels right to you then do it, take a chance.


"Kathy Upper is the creative Founder of Spiritual Niagara. Kathy is a leader who brought her business experience to provide spiritual awareness to the internet, sharing the light of many gifted light workers and events. Kathy is an integral part of facilitating spiritual growth in the Niagara region, and preseveres to continually improve her excellent service, in her natural friendly way. Words that come to mind when I think of Kathy are: sincere, personable, caring, open-minded, understanding, organized and focused on delivering a beneficial programme."
- Carolina Lipinski, Haven Global

"From the moment I met Kathy, she has been a blessing in my life. Her radiant light shines from within and sources from Source itself. Her sincere intention with everything she endeavours, is evident in who she is. Kathy is accomplished in every aspect of the word, she is the true example of self-represent. Her beautiful heart will always lead her and keep her exactly where she is in life. I am personally grateful for her persistent faith and unconditional support in my journey. Being a part of her pure expression of love, through Spiritual Niagara, is a gift to me. I hope that I will always have such beautiful people to call my friends, like I have with Kathy. Thank you Kathy, for the absolute honor to call you my friend."
- Cheryl D, A Look Within

"I have known Kathy since 1996, when I was a student working my clinical placement at Niagara College in what was then called the Futures program. I considered Kathy a mentor. She taught me many valuable lessons over the years I worked with her. The most beneficial message I was given by watching her with other people was simply how to be.

Kathy has always been "real" to anyone who crosses her path. As a counsellor, a friend, a colleague and as one of the leaders in bringing our spiritual community together and sending the word out there, Kathy has proven that she is welcoming, accepting and the kind of person one can feel completely comfortable approaching and spending time with. She taught me that being me, the real me, with every part of what is me, is an excellent place to be. I have been with Spiritual Niagara since just after its birth. Kathy has always been right there, accommodating, supportive and patient. There truly is no other person I could see as the spiritually hub of this Niagara community.

I will always hold dear to my heart everything Kathy Upper has taught me. I appreciated her as a mentor years ago. And today, as my friend, I treasure her."
- Christine Whelan, Mindz 'n Transit