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What has brought you to this work?

I, like many others was guided by an internal desire to understand the deeper meaning of who I was/am and what I was doing here. I left a corporate career to embark on a journey of self-awareness and healing which 19 years later has allowed me to fulfil a dream of creating a Healing and Empowerment Centre on a 5.5 acre hobby farm in Wainfleet, Ontario (well named) Angel's Landing. Being able to provide services and be grounded in earth energy is very important to me, as well as creating an inclusive and community based centre.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Reflexology, Infrared Sauna, Medulla/Pineal Activation, Inverse Wave Therapy, Energy Therapies, Life Shift Coaching, Wheelchair Accessible Labyrinth and Empowerment Workshops.

A 5.5 acre space that we were called to. A space that has been created as sacred, healing, empowering, peaceful, nurturing and very much alive with loving spirits.

It includes a barn, treatment building, sacred grove, 2 ponds, large fire pit, labyrinth and more.

Not only is Angel's Landing a powerful place for treatments but also as a venue for your workshops or function; be it spiritual, personal or corporate.

We currently host many different functions and welcome you to follow Angels Landing FB page. To book an appointment or discuss rental options please do not hesitate to contact us.

Feel the difference being connected to Mother Earth during your visits/functions

What philosophy do you live by?

That we are all spiritual beings having a human experience; that the only limits hindering us from the joy, health, passion and prosperity we desire is based on NOT remembering who we are and our ability to create or manifest anything. That it is also vital to remember that all is connected and so we should honour individual choice without judgement.


"Tracey is a most gifted healer and teacher. For more then a decade I have witnessed her assist other in their personal transformation. Some so dramatic they are beyond description. I've always admired her insight and ability to align her clients with their `best selves`and help them step directly into their flow of well-being. Whatever you may be looking to improve in your life, I know that Tracey will help you create the miracles you seek."
- Meg Adamson-Gour, Wellness Warrior, Life Artist

"The peace and tranquility on the farm and the special ambiance in the treatment room was very relaxing to the mind, body and soul. I started out using the Infrared Sauna and then added reflexology to my treatment plan. Tracey did a wonderful job manipulating the various points through reflexology and the infrared sauna right after further helped with the healing process. I always left there feeling rejuvenated but at the same time very relaxed."
- Bev

"I have attended seminars through New Realm Healing for the better part of 10 years. Tracey always creates her workshops to be informative, insightful and FUN! We have done everything from asking ourselves some hard questions, to writing, to dancing, to meditation with a live crystal bowl performance. Angel's Landing in Wainfleet is Tracey's dream location, she has worked hard to provide a peaceful retreat complete with treatment room, seminar space and a labyrinth that I am happy to say I helped to build. Whenever I need a spiritual spa day, that's where I go!"
- Dina Desarno, Hamilton, Ontario

"Angel's Landing....I was attracted to the name and called by the labyrinth. I look for healing: mind, body, spirit and soul. Angel's Landing brings this to me. I feel at peace after my scheduled appointments (whether physical or spiritual). I feel blockages releasing. Soothed by the tranquil and wholesome surrounding with the spirit of healing prevailing I leave more resolved to `live`my life.
Tracey is an uplifting visionary, creating a place that helps one to find, nurture, empower and heal the spirit that lives within."
- Margaret, New York, USA