Introducing... Jituska
Moon Goddess Niagara
Priestess, Herbalist, Astrologer, & Consultant/Facilitator
Niagara Holistic Lifestyles Podcaster

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What has brought you to this work?

I am a witch. I have an ancestral past with whom I connect with through my DNA. I have owned that divine right and I am on a journey to help enlightened others to not be afraid. It is time for us to all come 'out of the broom closet' and shake off those cobwebs. Time to re-connect to the U-N-I-Verse and dance to the music beating in our hearts.

My very first memory as a child was going through a spiral. It was black and it was white. It was a near death experience. I knew this was source, this was where I came from. Growing up I had a natural affinity and curiosity for ancient teachings. It was there from the very start and as a young adult I continued on this path immersing myself in the Arts, Astrology, Homeopathy, Herbalism, Kabbalah, Sacred geometry, Physics, Vibrational healing and many other layers of the onion. In the beginning of my journey I wanted to heal the world but I found out we are all experiencing life at different stages. After years of experiences and deep contemplation I ultimately realized that I was a mystic down to the very core essence of my being. I eventually became a Priestess so I could share this experience and my teachings with others.

It wasn't until many moon's later that I would come to realize what I truly was all along....I was a rebel Shaman. It all came together for me very profoundly after a car accident when I started gardening as a part of my road to recovery. Something magical happened, not only were the plants giving me information but I became aware of the moon and her influence on the plants. The plants lead me on the path of Lunar gardening. I knew from my previous astrological and herbal studies that plants had an affinity to planets and elements but now it was experiential. This is how my Planetary Apothecary began. I weaved the threads all together. I noticed that I too was aligning to the moon's cycles. The first was obvious in the physical sense but I also started to notice that I felt her dark cycle. As the moon waxed and waned so did I (this made sense to me as an astrologer for we are mostly water and are also electro-magnetic beings. is the Earth and all the other celestial spheres). The more I began to follow the moon and her movement through the signs and all her phases the more magical my life had became. My intuitive faculties and awareness heightened. My deep sense of understanding natures rhythms in relation to my own were profound experiences. It taught me to dance with the shadow aspects of my subconscious which provided me with incredible insights. This is why I felt it necessary to begin my moon teachings.

There is much to learn about our connection to the moon as she goes through her cycles. Lunar power gives us foresight as we tap back into our feelings and awareness of the astral realms. They are the expression of the spirit and shadow aspects that create our emotional patterns. They are our soul's guide that help navigate us on our Stellar journey. In times immemorial many things were planned in accordance to the moon, from when to plant to when to purchase items, when to go fishing/hunting to going to the doctor or getting a haircut! Finding out where the moon was at birth can give you great insight into your own cycles, this can be particularly helpful for woman wanting to plan motherhood or avoid it. :)

Following the Moon cycles is very empowering and I believe it is the key to awakening the sacred feminine wisdom. We are at a point in time where the suppression of the Goddess has come to the end of it's cycle. Witches date back thousands of years. We were the glue that held the fabric of society together. We were the Village Wise Woman, the problem solvers, the Doctor's, the herbalists, the midwives, the local councillors. We were the ones to contact for the events, ceremonies, rites of passages. We were part of the community offering our services, open to helping people and often taking in apprentices to pass on our stories and knowledge. My ultimate goal is to help redefine who witches truly are and bring back these ancient teachings. We are the embodiment of the divine sacred feminine. We are not evil. We are not devil worshippers. We 'harm none', our first rule (from which the, "Hippocratic Oath" originated from.) Imagine a world where there is a Witch (natural healer/teacher) in every neighbourhood. Each of us has our own unique gifts, but most importantly as Witches we have a holistic approach to the human condition. We embrace all of its multidimensional facets with love of the creator. Our creator is the same as the tree's creator. Let us chose to live in harmony with nature again. It is my passion to help humanity to 'know thyself' again, to reconnect to a more holistic lifestyle and realize we have the power to 'heal thyself'.

Blessed Be~ Jituska, Resident Witch In Charge

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

I am a teacher, meditation facilitator, herbalist, astrologer, community advocate, and an artist. I also have a background in Classical Homeopathy that I integrate with my astrological practice.

I facilitate Moon Circles publicly and privately:

I create Sacred Spaces that support wholeness and well being that nourish the soul to allow healing and transformation, Whereby the brilliance of the human experience and living in harmony with nature are nurtured. I do this by providing Moon teachings and Moon circles. I can show you how to follow where the moon sign is and how it's movement through the elements and phases effect us. Learning how to integrate these practices into your daily living will help you to find inner peace.One must take the time to embrace both the light and the shadow self in order to be balanced and whole. Life is a never ending cycle of dark and light. This is the lesson of the Triple Goddess.

I provide monthly New Moon meditations at the Spiritual Spa. Join us on Facebook at Global Sisterhood.

Astrological readings and Intuitive counselling:

I can find the placement of your moon at birth as well as read your full chart. It is your map. It is your personal energy pattern. It is 'the' original DNA pattern whether people realize it or not. It shows your life path and what your purpose and gifts are in this lifetime. It can provide vital clues as to what your needs are physically, mentally and emotionally to maintain balance. Solar returns/Birthdays, Births/children, business start-ups. General Info. Available for groups and parties.

I am a certified Priestess that facilitates Ceremonies, Handfasting and rites of passages, Clearings, Goddess workshops and Retreats Re-storing the Sacred Feminine through, exploring ancient wisdom, archetypes and art therapy.

As a community advocate I encourage the proliferation of health and wellness through educational workshops on organic and astrological lunar planting. I also provide many workshops on plants and how we may use them to empower ourselves. I am currently working on an educational organic farm project called NOW (Niagara Organic World) located in Stevensville. Magical herbs can be obtained by appointment only.

If you would like me to facilitate a Moon circle, meditation or teaching, or would like to book a consultation or are interested in the organic farm project please call in advance for an appointment. Contact Jituska at (905) 401-2340 or on Facebook at Niagara Holistic Lifestyles Pavilion or Pagan Association Niagara

What philosophy do you live by?

We all have a reason for being here rich or poor, regardless of race.. we all breath the same air and have something to teach one another...simple.


"Where modern medicine failed, Jituska's profound knowledge of herbs have helped me overcome debilitating anxiety and eczema. Jituska's positive, infectious energy encourages those around her to connect to eachother and to the physical world in a way that I believe to be fundamental for a healthy peaceful existence."
- Joanna Zedlacher

"I live next door to a witch. Frightening? on the contrary, Jituska's backyard is filled with herbs she grows and dries. There are countless times that she has provided natural solutions for my entire family, including my dog. She has found natural ways to deal with my depression and anxiety, pneumonia, and infections simply by going into her garden. She also integrates her knowledge of astrology into all aspects of life. When my son was three she was able to predict his characteristics and talents which proved to be true in his development just by providing his birthdate and time of birth. So if a witch is a vibrant, educated and generous woman, I am glad to live next door to one. Just being around such a positive person is healing on its own."
- Milena Zelenovich, Niagara Falls

"Jituska is the walking embodiment of the noble feminine energy of Witchcraft. At an early age she felt a call to connect with plants, animals and all things of the earth and planets and stars to walk a path of wonder and enlightenment.
Jituska has an inspired vision of the planetary alignment and awakening of consciousness that is happening all around us. She has been on the forefront of this enlightenment for decades.
The Peace Path she has created at the Holistic Market she established in Niagara Falls is a center point for incredible inspirational transformation. On Full Moons she can be found sending incredibly positive energies out to the world from the nexus point at Oakes Garden.
Jituska's knowledge of herbs, crystals and ancient ways and spirituality makes her the benchmark for practical witchcraft in today's world."
- John Erb,Co-writer of the Slow Poisoning of America