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Energy Healer
Emotional Consultant
Tree Essences Consultant
for People and Animals
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Stacey Haluka,
Your Inner Piece

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Your Inner Piece

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What has brought you to this work?

I have been on a spiritual and healing journey for the past 15 years or so. I have had so many amazing teachers in my life who have guided me along my journey and have helped me realize my own path... the path of a healer. I have always felt drawn to assisting others, especially with their emotional traumas and imbalances. I understand how emotional upset in people and animals can trigger imbalances within the physical body, and left unchecked, can manifest in illness or dis-ease. It is imperative that we heal and release the emotional upset so that we can live a happier, healthier life.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?

Vibrational Tree Essences Consultant
Tree Essences are vibrational/energy medicine from trees…..the oldest living beings on the planet! The tree essences work through their resonance, interacting with human and animal energy fields, their effects ripple like waves in many directions. They are best used as for their positive resonance, as nourishment at an energetic level, to take care of our emotions and to raise our vibration. The essences may be selected from two perspectives or approaches; the first one being to support us through challenges and difficulties, and the second one is when we wish to bring forth and enhance an inner quality. Each tree has its own medicine to help us heal emotional upset, whether past or present, and for almost all stages of life.
With the premise that at our very core ALL IS WELL, and everything is in place as sacred beings, the essence’s role is to synchronize our vibration with the unlimited intelligence and strength of nature’s rhythm and wisdom. Trees are generous and have been since the beginning of time. Essences allow us to tap into the infinite beauty of their vibrational medicine.
Reiki Energy Healing
This beautiful healing will leave you feeling peaceful, blissful and content. Energy healing can assist you in releasing negative or stale energy within your body and aura, while balancing and opening your chakras.
Intuitive Coaching
This confidential one-to-one talk therapy assists you in identifying and releasing past traumas, hurts, or other negative incidences, whether on a conscious or sub-conscious level, allowing you to forgive, heal, and let it go.

What philosophy do you live by?

Be kind to all living things. Serve. Believe in miracles. Breathe. Create. Love. Spend time with nature. Talk to, and hug a tree.


"Stacey, I am so happy to see the difference in Nemo (dog) since using the tree essences. He has less pain, is happier and even playing again. Thank you for giving him some of his life back, it’s tough to see him get old, and I know that he won’t be around forever, but at least he can live out the rest of his days without being in constant pain. You have been a blessing for him!"
- Diane

"OMG Stacey those tree essences are powerful stuff. I sprayed myself with Healing Heart and felt the energy run through me immediately. I then went outside and a female cardinal landed on my lilac bush as I watched her I was overwhelmed by extremely strong energies running through me. I just kept saying thank you as the energies continued as I watched her jump from branch to branch. Wow is all I can say. Wow! I had to message you to tell you about my experience. Thank you!"
- Kathy

"I would definitely suggest Intuitive Coaching to anyone who wants to dig up inner issues and face them to heal. I found within my first session that I was freeing myself of some thoughts and feelings, all by just talking it out. Stacey made it very comfortable and safe for me to discuss my thoughts and feelings. This was very beneficial for me to be able to move on in some areas of my life. I look forward to continuing my healing journey!"
- Fran B