Introducing...Sam Black and Chris Black
Sam - Founder, Certified Psychic Medium and Wellness Coach and
Chris - Director of Fitness and Nutrition, Life Coach

Grounded Roots Wellness

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Sam Black and Chris Black,
Grounded Roots Wellness

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What has brought you to this work?

Sam has been giving readings, insight and mentorship for over 20 years. With a background in Social Work, Education and Direct Sales, she has a talent for seeing the best in others and in helping them achieve their dreams. In 2013, Sam's world was changed forever when she was hit by an impaired driver. Unable to return to her profession, she encountered months of healing, recovery and rediscovery that guided her to turn her passion into a new career.

Sam has studied with world renowned teachers such as Lisa Williams, Deborah King and Doreen Virtue and many more. Sam is inspired by the infinite capacity that we all have to make changes in our life's to be in better alignment with our life's purpose, talents and passion. It was this healing process and inspiration that planted the seed for Grounded Roots Wellness Inc. to be born, a wellness center that focuses on holistic healing and well being.

Sam understands that healing is a process, and that the outcome does not always result in who we were before or in ways that we expect, but that we all are exactly where we are meant to be. She is grateful to be in Niagara Falls, offering her clients the tools that they need for healing and growth. Sam also works closely with the Healthy Wealthy and Wise Corporation as a trainer, Territory Director and Host of Relationship Wealthy TV.

Chris has a passion for helping people find their "inner awesome"! Chris offers holistic nutrition counselling, life coaching, groups and DDP Yoga. Chris credits his inspiration of living a long and healthy life and giving others the tools to do the same, to his wife Sam and his Dad who went through a double lung transplant around the same time that Sam was recovering from a serious car accident. Chris is also inspired and learns from his DDP mentor Diamond Dallas Page as well as Dr. Wayne Dyer, his friend and mentor Derrick Sweet and many others who promote others to seek what it is that they need in their life to be living the awesomeness within.

What services do you offer and how do they assist others?


Psychic/Mediumship/Past Life/Chakra Readings
Helping others access information and messages so that they can heal, find peace and/or find encouragement and purpose in their future
Life Coaching
Helping others get from A to B, finding success and achieving their dreams
Online Services
For your convenience Sam offers readings and Life Coaching sessions both online and over the telephone.
Life Coach Certification
Sam offers the Certified Coaches Federation Certified Coach Practitioner training and certification in Niagara Falls and other cities across North America
Retreats and workshops
Sam offers a variety of retreats and workshops that promote balance in our lives and celebrate creativity, individuality and growth. A favourite is her annual scrapbooking retreats and camps!


Holistic Nutrition
It is all about eating healthy food as close to it's natural state as possible
Chris offers groups to support healthy eating and weight loss
Life Coaching
Helping clients find what has been holding them back from success and creating solutions for helping them get to where they need to go
Chris offers a variety of fitness solutions for every fitness level and ability, including DDP Yoga (a program that combines dynamic resistance training and yoga to maximize fitness and recovery), Nordic Pole Walking (a great solution for anyone with neck, back, hip and knee injuries as it promotes healthy posture and takes the pressure off joints while maximizing fitness benefits)
DDP Yoga
DDPYoga offers an amazing cardio workout while improving muscular strength, dramatically increasing flexibility and strengthening the core using Dynamic Resistance. These benefits are achieved with minimal joint impact and the workout is designed to be accessible for almost everyone. Beginner classes are offered Monday and Thursday evenings at 7pm and Sunday mornings at 10am at Grounded Roots Wellness Inc.
Running Club
A recreational club for beginner to moderate runners looking to improve cardiovascular health and fitness

Grounded Roots Wellness

Salt Rooms
A wonderful treatment for anyone with lung related and skin related conditions or anyone looking for a relaxing experience. Sea salt covers the walls and floors, and as well is circulated in the air to allow for it to be breathed in to the lungs to promote healing. Grounded Roots Wellness Inc. will have one room dedicated to children under the age of 18 and their caregivers and two for adults 18+)
Float Pod Therapy
A pod that offers highly concentrated water with Epsom salt that allows clients to float, easing pain, tension and external stimulus
Infrared Sauna
Another non-invasive pain management tool that allows infrared light to promote healing
Workshops and guest speakers.

What philosophy do you live by?

Healing the mind, body and spirit; living with passion and attracting what you really want out of life and inspiring others to do the same.


"Sam Black, you gave me a reading, based on my palm, that so accurately focused on aspects of me most people do not see or are aware of, that it knocked my socks off. You used your abilities to see the real me. Your reading gives me joy and hope, as it reminds me of my capabilities, inner desires, and potential. I would recommend you in a second to anyone searching for affirmation, confirmation, and inspiration. Thank you!"
- Debbie Wilkins, Las Crucas, New Mexico

"Sam is a life coach with amazing intuition. She coaches with wisdom, insight, and integrity. She is also a thoughtful listener who truly cares about her clients. After a coaching session with Sam, I had clarity, insights, and action steps to help me achieve my goals. If you are looking for a life coach to encourage, support, and give you the tools and accountability you need to achieve success, Sam is the perfect choice."
- Lisa Stuckey, San Mateo, California

I have worked in the Psychic Industry for over 20 years as a Psychic Medium and Psychic Manager, and have tested 1000’s of Psychic Mediums. It is very rare that I come across an Evidential Reader like Samantha is... she is one of the most accurate honest Advisors I have ever had the privilege of working with... information she picks up will make your jaw drop she is the real real deal.. I am very honored and humbled to know and work with Samantha, A very rare Gem in the Psychic Industry!
~ Joanna Bakker, North Bay, Ontario