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Perpetual Peace Project

Sherry Brouzes, Serene Energy Feng Shui

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Sherry's business is Serene Energy Feng Shui. She is located in Welland.

Sherry is a Certified Feng Shui Practictioner and she is available through appointment to assist you in improving the energy flow in your home, office and life.

Tami Dickson, The Calm Zone

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Tami's passion is her business appropriately named the "The Calm Zone". She teaches a variety of Classes and Workshops in Meditation, Stress Relief, Vibrational Energy, Chakra's and more.

Tami specializes in areas of personal growth, gently instructing others how to consciously de-stress, quiet the mind and bring awareness to who you truly are within. She believes there is peace and stillness within everyone and her journey is to assist you in finding it.

Tara Lea, THRIVE mind body & soul

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Tara is the owner of THRIVE mind, body & soul in Ridgeway, ON. Thrive, is a spiritual retail store which offers spiritual gift items along with classes and workshops about spiritual and metaphysical topics. Thrive also offers healing services such as Aromamassage, Homeopathy, Readings and Reiki. Tara is a Homeopath, a Healer, a Speaker, a workout enthusiast and a mother of 3. Tara feels that it is her life mission to help others on their personal journey and change the world, through love, compassion and inspiration.

Tracy Kennedy, The Spiritual Spa

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Tracy is the owner of The Spiritual Spa on Queen St in Niagara Falls - a holistic space that offers energy healing, reflexology, massage therapy, intuitive readings, and numerous workshops and seminars about spiritual and metaphysical topics. She has been teaching, leading and facilitating classes, workshops and seminars in various Universities, Corporations and Industries, and the Private sector for over 17 years across North America and Europe. She has a Doctorate in Sociology from the University of Toronto, and teaches part time at Brock University in the Communication department about people's relationship with new media technologies. Dr. Tracy Kennedy is an Empath, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Crystal Healer, Certified Trance Channeler, Writer & published author, Spiritual Teacher & Metaphysical Educator, and Personal Consultant for individuals and businesses, and she has chosen a Spiritual path to help others on their own personal journeys.

Tracey Ross, Angel's Landing

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Tracey Ross is an active practitioner in Reflexology, Energy Therapies, Life Shift Coaching, and also has an infrared sauna; her passion has more to do with the property known as Angels Landing. In the last 4.5 years Tracey and her husband Kevin have created a very special healing environment which includes treatment building, labyrinth, fire pits, beautiful grounds, two ponds, organic veggies and they are currently working on restoring the barn. "Working with Mother Earth, Angels, Ancestors and more our wish is that Angels Landing will be known as a go to location for other people's workshops or events."