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Acceptance vs Resistance ?>

Acceptance vs Resistance

I have really begin to have a better understanding of learning to accept where I am in life, this can be especially difficult when you are in pain all the time. I am thankful that my pain decreased over the last almost 4 years of being in pain and sometimes now after lying down for a couple hours I can reach a state of almost no pain, yay! So that’s an improvement over constant pain. I still can’t stay upright…

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Disappointment and Change ?>

Disappointment and Change

On June 23, I had a digital subtraction myelogram, at Toronto Western with Dr. Farb. What an awesome man he is. He is really trying to help people with Cerebrospinal fluid leaks, but imaging just doesn’t show it, as in my case. He talked about hopeful new advances in CSF imaging. He was truly great and understands the struggle of not finding it, because he has seen so many of us that don’t show in pictures. I have to explore…

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